Just a little background.

I started this blog to share my weightloss story with anyone who wants to read it. I’ve been overweight my entire life. There isn’t a time when I remember being happy with my weight or the way I looked. Now that I look back I wish I would have been happier with where I was because I never realized how bad things could and would get.

When I graduated high school I weighed around 175 lbs. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, but I was fairly healthy. I was exercising on a semi-regular basis at the time.

Once I started college and met Tim, my future husband, I got fat and happy so to speak. I gained a little bit at a time until I was 200 … 225 … 250 and eventually 260. I tried Weight Watchers just after Tim and I got married in January 2002. I lost about 15 pounds, but getting up early on Saturday mornings to go to meetings didn’t last long. I should have known I was setting myself up to fail when the thing I looked forward to the most was going to IHOP right after weigh-in. I gave up, and gained back the weight I had lost plus alot more.

I don’t think I ever really realized how big I had gotten. I knew my clothes were getting bigger and bigger, but when I looked in the mirror I still saw a fairly ok looking girl most of the time. I would see people out in public that I knew were way bigger than I was, so I felt ok about myself. But not great. I can remember asking my husband, “am I bigger than her?”. Of course he’d always say no, she was way bigger than I was. So I was ok.

In 2007 I started seriously thinking about having a baby. At this time I was hovering right around 260 lbs. I wanted to lose some weight before I got pregnant. I started Weight Watchers again and lost 15 lbs before I found out I was pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I did gain weight, but not a shameful amount. I think the total ended up somewhere around 20 lbs. After my son was born I lost around 30 lbs in just a couple of weeks. I got down to about 235 or so without even trying. I was super excited. I weighed less than I did when I got pregnant! That is what sparked my desire to continue. I thought, “if I can lose 30 lbs without even trying, what could I do if I put some effort into it?”

So I logged back on to weightwatchers.com and renewed my account that I had cancelled, and so the story began.

Tim and I at my baby shower. (March 2008)


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  1. It is amazing how similar my story is to yours – I mean this particular blog! Reading your blog makes me feel that there is hope yet! The second last paragraph of this blog in particular is so so true in my case and bless my husband who is always so very encouraging. I have also always been plump although never obese as I am today – I congratulate you on your successful journey and hope that I am on the way to a happy ending to mine.

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