Sushi Splurge!

Daily Activity: Elliptical 5APs

Tonight Tim, Lincoln, and I went out for sushi. I’ve been craving it and I’m almost to weigh-in day and I still had 13 daily points and 21 weekly points left. Sushi can be really healthy and low in points if you know what to order. My problem is that I love sushi way too much. I could literally eat my weight in sushi, and the ones I choose generally aren’t the most point friendly options. Tonight I did try to be fairly conscious of what I was ordering and kept a running tab of my points as I ate. I also ordered water with lemon instead of my normal Long Island Iced Tea.

So I had a small salad with ginger dressing, broth soup, 3 pieces of shrimp tempura (didn’t plan on that one, Tim ordered it!), 8 pieces of Albacore nigiri, 4 pieces of California roll, and Hibachi scallops, shrimp and vegetables. It sounds like ALOT of food, and trust me … it was. But like I said I had the points to burn before Monday anyway. I was proud of myself for ordering my dinner without fried rice. They actually ended up bringing it anyway, but I gave it to Lincoln to eat and I didn’t touch it.

That huge meal ended up costing me 29 points. I realize that is alot, but it definitely could have been worse. And I still have 6 weekly points left over after all of that.

After dinner we went to the sporting goods store and bought a trailer thingy that Lincoln can ride in behind our bikes. Tomorrow we are planning on going out to the park for a picnic and some bike riding. I’m really excited. We haven’t gotten to ride our bikes but once so far since I bought mine. I also bought a Nike t-shirt that I thought was cute. It says: Suffer now, Strut later. I might wear it tomorrow if it fits. I bought a size large and didn’t try it on, so we’ll see. Large is really exciting when you are used to seeing 2 X’s infront of it normally!


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2 responses to “Sushi Splurge!

  1. panacea911

    LOL – just realized Tim shaved off his moustache and beard. The full pictures really show how much you've lost, your arms, you flat stomach, you really look great and should be sooooo proud of yourself. I like that you share your recipes and cooking secrets. I'll definitely be using some of those!

  2. Black Kitten

    I know what you mean about the sushi… I could eat my weight in sushi, too! There's a really great chinese/japanese place that delivers right near my apartment. YUM!

    PS- you look fantastic!!!!

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