Daily Activity: Get Chiseled Firm DVD and Ran 2 Miles (5.5 APs)

I wrote last week about how I had a feeling that I was about to hit a plateau. Well, I guess I was wrong. I lost 3.6 pounds this week and am at 172.4 pounds now.

I debated on going to Body Pump class tonight, but I ultimately decided not to. First of all I couldn’t find anyone that could go with me. I’m such a wimp. I wish I was a more independent person, but so far I haven’t found that inside myself. And second of all, I was so sore for so long last time that I really don’t think I’m ready to go through that again just yet.

A fellow blogger that I read has been raving for days about Jillian Michaels DVD called No More Trouble Zones. So I decided I’d give it a try. It was only a little over $11 on Amazon and I have free shipping with our Amazon Prime account. So there you go, I should get it on Wednesday. It looks like it might be a good strength training option for me. And I’ll definitely feel more comfortable working out in my own home rather than infront of a class of experienced Body Pumpers. Atleast for now.

Since I don’t have the DVD yet I decided today to pull out one of my Firm DVDs. I went a little crazy a while back buying up every Firm DVD that I could get cheaply from eBay. Most of them I haven’t done even once. But today I did one called “Get Chiseled”. It was pretty good. It was definitely no Body Pump class by any means, but I don’t think I’ll be as sore tomorrow for it either.

After the 40 minute DVD, I decided I wasn’t satisfied and 245 calories wasn’t nearly enough for me today so I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I had on the wrong shoes and I wasn’t wearing my normal spandex so my fat thighs were rubbing together in a very uncomfortable way, but after I finished I had the feeling of satisfaction I was looking for.

Speaking of Jillian Michaels, I found out the other day that The Biggest Loser premiere is coming up in just over a month (September 15th). I can’t wait! That show has been so inspirational for me and I’m sure millions of other people.

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