Biking in the Park and Another Race

Tim and I went back to the Shakespeare Park this morning and rode our bikes around for a while. I think I ended up riding just over 7 miles in about 52 minutes. I was pulling our son in the trailer behind me so it was much more difficult hauling an extra 30 pounds or so. We had a great time though.

After our ride we had a little picnic and fed the ducks. I packed up Club Sandwhiches, fresh fruit, baby carrots with fat free ranch dip, and Quakes last night for us to eat. This is such a change from when we used to go eat picnics. Normally we would stop by Fresh Market on the way to the park and buy about $75 worth of sushi, pasta salads, paninis, chips or crackers, hummus, etc. Not that all that stuff was bad by any means, but it was definitely unnecessary. For some reason we thought we needed that much food though. Then on top of eating all that if we did anything else at the park besides eat and feed the ducks, it would just be to pull out a couple lawn chairs and read books or magazines.

I signed up for what will be our 2nd official 5K today. The first one is going to be September 19th, and then the second one that I just registered for will be October 3rd. There is a Labor Day 5K tomorrow, but I didn’t sign us up ahead of time and it would be $50 for Tim and I to register at the event tomorrow. Not to mention we’d have to be there atleast an hour early to register and it already starts at 7:30 am. I think I’d like to sleep in atleast one day during this holiday weekend.

We went to Books-A-Million yesterday while we were waiting to get my bike tuned up, and I bought a couple books that I’m really excited about. One of them is called Frozen Assets Lite and Easy: Cook for a Day Eat for a Month and the other one is called Don’t Panic Dinner’s in the Freezer. As the names may suggest they are recipe books of freezable recipes to have on hand. I love those kinds of things especially since I work night shift and I’m not home alot of nights to cook for my family. The recipes in the 1st book look really good! Some of the recipes in the 2nd one look really good too, but because its not a light cookbook I’ll probably have to tweak them some to meet my WW requirements. I’ll let you know how they turn out!


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