$13 Running Socks

These babies are my $13 running socks:


Tim has been raving about these Wigwam socks for weeks now. We went to Kinnucan’s a few days ago and I saw them for sale. Tim insisted that I should buy them.

So today I decided to try them out for my run. When I first put them on they felt like HEAVEN. They were squishy in all the right places, fit exactly like I like them, and weren’t too thin or too bulky.

I ran 6.3 miles in them and honestly I have to say once I started running I couldn’t tell a difference between these socks and my Champion socks that I normally wear which are $10 for 6 pairs.

I’m gonna have to say the verdict on these socks is a big thumbs down. There is nothing wrong with them really, but I don’t think they were really worth the money.


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