A Challenge

I’ve attempted this before in one of my previous blogs and wasn’t sucessful. But in light of our grocery trip today that turned from 2 items needed into a cart full of stuff we didn’t need and a bill of $180, Tim and I have decided to not go grocery shopping for two full weeks. Some people do this regularly, but we go grocery shopping atleast once a week and sometimes several times a week. We are bad about deciding we want a certain meal and then having to go out and buy all of the ingredients instead of eating something else that we already have at home.

The rules of the challenge are: no grocery shopping until October 18th excluding fresh produce and household items such as cat food, toothpaste, etc. I figure I’ll allow buying produce since it goes bad too quickly to be kept for 2 weeks.

The purpose of this challenge isn’t only to save money, but also to use up some of the items we have around that we’ve had for a while. I also think with this restriction we will probably come up with some pretty interesting meals that might be fun.

Tomorrow I’m going to take an inventory of the things we have on hand in the pantry, freezer, and fridge and make a meal plan for the next two weeks.


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  1. Tricia

    What an awesome idea. I just did this last week and literally made EVERYTHING in my freezer. I didn't even have any frozen veggies left. It was nice to eat up some stuff I forgot was in there. It did stink though when I went to the grocery today and had to restock the stuff I used to have. I spend 150 today. UGH…

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