Manic & Boring Monday

I woke up this morning at 6:20 in a panic because my husband’s alarm was suppose to go off at 5:00 am for his business trip today. Oops! Lucky for him he was driving today instead of flying so he didn’t have to worry about missing a flight.

I made a yummy Green Monster for breakfast.


Yep, I’ve used that picture before … so sue me! I love Green Monsters, but one thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t keep me full until lunch. I snacked on some semi-stale Kashi Heart to Heart crackers around 10:30.

I ran around my house cleaning like a mad woman for about 2 hours after breakfast. I always get really behind on my housework when I work several 12 hour shifts in a row. I had about 4 loads of laundry backed up. I actually have a housekeeper that comes every two weeks on Monday and does the deep cleaning stuff, but I’m so self conscious that I pre-clean for her. I know I’m crazy! I just don’t find it fair to make her do 4 loads of laundry and pick all my things up off the floor, so I do most of that stuff before she comes.

Lincoln took a nice long nap this morning, so I was able to run on the treadmill while he slept. I just did an easy 3 miles today. I swear I would rather run 7 miles outside than 3 on the treadmill anyday. It is soooo boring! But it comes in handy on days when the weather is bad and when I don’t have anyone to keep Lincoln while I run.

For lunch I made a yummy homemade pizza. Its really becoming a staple around here. Yep, I’ve used this picture before too …


It was really quiet and boring around the house without Tim here today, so Lincoln and I decided to go to the playground to work off some of his “energies”. The poor little guy really took a beating at the playground. He fell several times and then went down the slide on his face. Before we left I pushed him on the tire swing for a little while and I made the mistake of grabbing his sides while I was pushing him (he’s incredibly ticklish) and he let go of the chains and fell flat on his face … again. He looked like he had been beaten by the time we left, but he had so much fun he never cried once.

For dinner tonight I decided to make one of my E-Mealz recipes. This one wasn’t actually a Weight Watchers friendly recipe, but I altered it to reduce the points value as much as possible. It was called Italian Casserole. I used 96% Lean Ground Beef, Light Sour Cream, 2% Mozzarella cheese and Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls, but it still came out to 7 points per serving. But it was worth it! I definitely recommend checking out E-Mealz if you haven’t already, their recipes are really simple and delicious.


Does anyone recognize a theme? Yes, I had spinach for every single meal today. I think I’ve definitely met my green leafy quota!


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One response to “Manic & Boring Monday

  1. ashleigh

    pita pizzas are one of my favorite low calorie and delicious meals!

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