Great Eight!

After my overindulgence at dinner last night, I decided to have a simple breakfast this morning. An Egg Beaters Garden Vegetable omelet with sauteed red onion, spinach and red bell pepper and half a grapefruit. I like dipping my omelets (or eggs in general) in ketchup, is that weird?


About 10:00 I started getting really hungry again and when I typed in my points for breakfast and realized I had only eaten 1.5 points for breakfast (about 150 calories) I realized why. I normally eat about 5 points or 250 calories in the morning. Tim and I were getting ready to go running and I didn’t want anything very heavy on my stomach so I had a chocolate graham cracker with 1 Tbsp of reduced fat peanut butter on it.


The peanut butter actually sat really heavy on my stomach and I felt like I had a rock in my belly the entire time I was running. I won’t do that again! Stupid PB!

I’ve run 8 miles before, but only once so I feel super accomplished today. It was a really good run other than the heavy tummy. I wore my knee brace and I didn’t have any pain. The weather was nice and the road was flat. We ran an out and back route (x2). On the first trip out I was feeling really good but I kept thinking, “Yeah, you feel good now, but you still have 7 miles to go!” Luckily the good feeling stuck around.


Mile 1 – 8:49
Mile 2 – 8:56
Mile 3 – 8:57
Mile 4 – 8:57
Mile 5 – 9:05
Mile 6 – 9:10
Mile 7 – 9:12
Mile 8 – 8:49

While I waited on Tim to finish up his run I made sure to stretch really well, so that hopefully I won’t be too sore tomorrow.



I was really suprised to see how late it was after we finished running. It was already 3:00 and we hadn’t had lunch yet. I’m never very hungry after I run for atleast 2 hours, so I decided we’d just skip lunch and eat a huge dinner. I made Shake N Bake Chicken, sauteed onions and squash, steamed cabbage and cheesy potatoes. It sounded like a really good idea at the time, but it turned out really …. yellow. Yellow and delicious! I ate an enormous plate and finished every bite.


It really bother me when the food on my plate isn’t colorful enough. I never think about the color of things before I cook, but once I plate it up I make sure not to put things of similar color beside each other. Weird? Yes? No? The funny thing is that I almost made corn on the cob instead of the cabbage. What a yellow mess that would have been! That would have been almost unbearable.



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3 responses to “Great Eight!

  1. ABI

    You are so amazing! I can’t believe you ran eight miles–most miles being sub-nine minute miles. Gahhhhhly! My challenge for you: for a 32-year old female to get 100% on her PT test, she (I) have to run 1.5 miles in 11:50 (10:50ish after 2010 and the new requirements come out). Try it! You probably blow that away, you studstress!

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