A Challenge

Good evening!

I finished up my last night at work for the week and now I get 3 fabulous nights at home with my fam-fam. I just hate that I had to sleep more than half of the day away. But such is the life of a night shift nurse.

I did an experiment this week. Every night I worked this week I took the “long way” to work and avoided the toll bridge that I normally take. I wrote down the time I left my house and the time I got to the hospital, and then the opposite on the way home in the mornings. I was really surprised to see that the “long way” only took me 21-23 minutes. I always thought it was more like 30 minutes. The toll bridge that I typically drive twice a day is $1.50 each way. Now I know that it only shaves off about 2 or 3 minutes off of my drive. So in the last 3 days I saved myself $9.00 in toll charges. If I drive the longer way from now on instead of the toll bridge when I go to work I will save myself $36/month or $432/year. Hells yes! I wish I would have realized this .. oh say … 3 years ago.

You may or may not have noticed a challenge that I was given in the comments of my previous post, Great Eight! My friend Abi that I went to nursing school with is in the Air Force and she challenged me to run 1.5 miles in 11:50 which is the requirement to get 100% on the Air Force PT test for a 32 year old female. I’ve been sick with sinus congestion and a very sore throat this week, so I thought I would wait until next week to conquer the challenge.

I went out for my scheduled 3 mile run before work on Tuesday, and I realized at about 3/4 mile that I was running at a 7:45 pace. I wasn’t intending to run that fast, I was just into it that day I guess. But I figured since I was doing so well I should see if I could meet my goal. I checked my Garmin exactly when I hit 1.5 miles and it was 11:47! Yay! A good challenge is always fun.

Today I did a 4 mile run on my treadmill. I really hate that the sun is setting so much earlier now, its hard for me to get out and finish my runs in the afternoon before it gets dark. I am not a fan of  the treadmill. I’m thankful to have it, but I’d prefer to run outside any day of the week. I intended to get my run out of the way and then go with Tim to Spinning class tonight since I don’t get to go very often because of my work schedule. It was all I could do to finish up my run though. I was completely spent afterwards and even felt lightheaded and weird. So I went to Walmart and bought Thanksgiving stuff while Tim went spinning.

Dinner was pretty simple tonight. I had some fresh veggies I needed to use up before they went bad.

Lemon pepper fish filet, steamed cabbage, fresh corn on the cob, roasted asparagus and tomato slices. Yummy! Now I’m off to watch The Biggest Loser from Tuesday with the hubby and to bed. Have a great night!


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