Time to Celebrate!

Tim, Lincoln and I went to my grandparent’s house this afternoon for our family Thanksgiving dinner. We won’t all be able to get together on Thursday for various reasons so we did a combined birthday/Thanksgiving today. Unfortunately several of my family members who were planning on coming today weren’t able to make it, but we had a great time anyway.

Lunch was delish! Traditional Thanksgiving feast … turkey, ham, dressing with cranberry sauce, sweet peas, green beans and sweet potato casserole.

I decided beforehand that I was going to be very careful not to overdo it at lunch because Tim was planning on taking me out for a special birthday dinner tonight. I only ate about half this plate of food until I felt satisfied and then I stopped. Yay for moderation! That was … until cake time …

Yep thats a 2 on my cake. My 5 year old neice took it upon herself to put every candle she could find in the house on my cake. Anyway, it was a delicious double layer cookie cake with cream in the middle. Who can say no to that!?! I had way more than I should have plus icecream.

Tonight Tim took me out to dinner at Number 16 and I got to wear my little black dress that I bought before our Gatlinburg trip but never got to wear.

We had Bleu cheese fondue with salt and pepper kettle chips …

I had spinach salad with goat cheese croutons (I’m absolutely obsessed with anything goat cheese related) and Tim had a lettuce wedge with gorgonzola dressing …

For our entrees I had the Filet Mignon and Tim had the Veal Osso Buca …

For dessert we had something that I didn’t catch the name of but it was basically chocolate, peanut butter and phylo dough and it was freaking amazing! We also had plenty of drinks …

Everything was absolutely delicious and it was the best birthday I’ve had in a really long time. I’m completely exhausted now and I have a 7 mile run tomorrow morning before heading back to work tomorrow night. Good night!

I will leave you with one question though … do you ever get embarassed when you take pictures of your food in public? I found myself a little embarassed tonight until I got a couple drinks in me and then I was snapping pictures of anything and everything and didn’t care one bit.



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5 responses to “Time to Celebrate!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You look gorgeous!!! and Yes YAY!! for moderation, I am taking a ticket out of your book that is for sure!!

  2. ashleigh

    i just found your blog and had to comment on how AMAZING you look!! that dressing is stunning on you! happy birthday 🙂

  3. heather rodriguez

    hi my name is heather. I beleive you went to school with my sister Melissa Jaques. She found your website about your weight loss and forwarded it to me. I’ve started running and I’m struggling to get under a 14 minute mile. How do you do an 8 minute mile? I feel like I’ll never get there, but I don’t dedicate everyday to trying. Do you have any advice that would help me to improve? How did you start out running?

    • poisonivy250

      Thats awesome that you have started running, its definitely not easy to start off. I don’t know many people that can run 8 minute miles (atleast not more than 1) when they first start. I’ll write a blog post tonight outlining the program that I used and how I got going. It will give me something to talk about today 🙂

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