Back to The Grind

I had an amazing birthday weekend, but now its time to get back in the swings of things. I have to go back to work tonight so yesterday was the end of my weekend. This morning I woke up and made my to-do list for the day.

Tim did several of the chores for me cause he’s the best! He took out the trash, went grocery shopping and took my birthday checks to the bank.

I started by packing my dinner for work tonight. Leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday …

It was rainy, cold and just generally yucky outside this morning, and I just really didn’t feel like dealing with it so I decided to do my long run on the treadmill today. I was scheduled to do 7 miles. I don’t think I’ve ever actually run that far on the treadmill before, but I’ve done 6 a few times. If you know me you know that I would prefer to run outside anyday than on the treadmill, so I was really dreading it. But it actually wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. I decided to listen to some music today instead of a podcast and I just really let myself get into the music and into my thoughts and ignored the running part. It started catching up with me about 45 minutes in though and I was getting really tired, but I was able to finish it out.

I ironed all my scrubs for work and then I was really starting to get hungry so I made lunch. Pumpkin ravioli and Spinach salad with raisins, green onions, mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinagrette.

I probably tricked you into thinking I made something delicious and homemade, but the ravioli is actually a frozen Healthy Choice meal. I don’t eat frozen meals often, but every now and then they are a quick fix for lunch. The Pumpkin Ravioli is one of my favorite fall flavors. All together now …

I’ve still got a little cleaning to do around the house, but I got most of it done. I’m going to save that for this afternoon and tomorrow morning when I get home from work. So now all there is left to do is .. SLEEP! Have a great day!


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