The Spread

Thanksgiving is over, but I’m having a hard time getting back on track with the healthy eating. Perhaps its time to set some goals for myself. But before we do that, this was our holiday spread …

Antipasto, ham, turkey, gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin dump cake (not pictured). Everything was sooo delicious! I think my personal favorites were the green bean casserole and the pumpkin dump cake. I didn’t get any pictures of my family because we were too busy om noming the food to stop for photo ops, but we had 10 people over: myself, Tim, Tim’s mom, Lincoln, my mom and dad, my 2 sisters and my neice and nephew. It was very nice to get to see my family. We are all spread out across the state and don’t all get to be together very often.

This morning I got up and made homemade waffles and scrambled cheese and chive Eggbeaters for breakfast before we went out shopping for the day. I decided this year that we should buy a artificial Christmas tree. I’ve never had a fake tree before, but I’m tired of all the hassle of real trees. I found a great deal on a 9 foot tree at Sears, it was originally $400 but was on sale for $267. It should pay for itself in about 4 years.

For lunch Tim and I went to Jason’s Deli. I ordered half of a Medditeranean Wrap and a side salad. It was the perfect amount. Normally I would pile my salads full of cheese, bacon, croutons, sunflower seeds, ham, and drown it in Ranch dressing. But today I had: lettuce, sprouts, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes. I had my dressing on the side and used less than half of it. Yay! Apparently I wasn’t on the ball with the picture taking today because I didn’t get my breakfast or my lunch. Forgive me.

After more shopping Tim and I stopped by my grandparent’s house. They watched Lincoln while we went for a run in their neighborhood. We had a 5 mile run on the schedule for today. We drove the route before we went out because last time we ran there I got majorly lost. I hate to say it but I got lost again! I somehow made a 2.5 mile loop into a 4 mile loop. Oh well, atleast I didn’t have to do the whole thing twice to get my miles in.

5 miles – 43:27
8:41 pace

This is a very comfortable pace for me. Its actually uncomfortable for me to run much slower than this, and anything much faster is a push. I forgot my knee brace today, so I ran without it. I actually didn’t have any trouble, but I’m not sure I want to start running without it on a regular basis yet. Maybe for some shorter runs, but definitely not my Sunday long runs. I’m scared to death of hurting my knees and not being able to run.

Tonight for dinner I wanted to use up some of the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, so I went searching for recipes. I came across this Tex Mex Turkey Soup. I’ve never really been a fan of taco soup, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. I’m more of a chili girl than a soup girl, but it had such good ratings that I thought it was worth a shot.

It was delicious! I’m definitely going to make this every year after Thanksgiving, it was an excellent way to get rid of some leftover turkey without living on turkey sandwhiches for a week. Even after all of that I couldn’t resist dessert. I had a small piece of Pumpkin Dump Cake and a small piece of Pumpkin Caramel pie. Can you tell I like whipped cream?

I intended to decorate our new tree tonight, but I’m absolutely exhausted. I guess I’ll have to save it for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll also discuss some goals I want to set for myself to get back on track after Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers?


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