Christmas Tree, Good Eats and Yummy Treats

I’ve had some veggies in the fridge for a while that I needed to use up so I decided to make Zucchini Herb Casserole and corn on the cob to go with our BBQ Pork Tenderloin for dinner tonight. I altered the recipe to make it more figure friendly than the original. I used Long Grain Wild Rice instead of white rice, less olive oil, and I used fat free shredded cheese and less than half the cheese that the recipe called for.

All together …

For some reason the picture makes the pats of butter on my corn on the cob look enormous! It really wasn’t that much, I swear!

When I was cooking dinner with all my fresh produce, I got to thinking how I wish I had a place that I could grow my own veggies. It would be so nice to be able to go out in my garden and pick corn, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, etc for dinner. Maybe some day. But for now I have Aerogarden …

I bought the Aerogarden for Tim last Christmas, and it has sat in the box in our garage ever since. I talked Tim into bringing it in today and helping me set it up so that we can grow our own herbs. I have always had a black thumb, I mean I can literally kill any living plant, so I really hope that I can manage to not screw this up. If it works out we will have fresh: dill, italian basil, purple basil, mint, chives, parsley and thyme. Yay! I need to find out if there are other herbs available. I use parsley and thyme alot, and I could use chives .. but I wouldn’t use mint, dill or basil very often I don’t think.

After dinner we were going to decorate our Christmas tree as a family, but Lincoln was being a pill and fell asleep much earlier than usual. So Tim and I decorated it alone. We made Hot Chocolate with Rum, turned on the Christmas music and had a good time decorating our tree.

Hot chocolate with rum rocks! We had a hard time finding enough ornaments for our new 9 foot Christmas tree, and we also had a hard time decorating the top of the tree. I still need to find a topper, the tree isn’t strong enough to hold the star that we normally top our trees with.

I couldn’t resist finishing off the rest of the Pumpkin Dump Cake. That stuff is the DEBIL!

No whipped cream tonight. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $1.00 for Cool Whip when I got it for $.20 last week. I’m a freak, I know. I hope everyone has a great night! I’m going to try to hit the hay early tonight, I have a 9 miler tomorrow. It will be a personal distance record for me, so wish me luck!


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One response to “Christmas Tree, Good Eats and Yummy Treats

  1. You two are SO CUTE!

    And hmmm…. spiced rum with hot chocolate? YES PLEASE!

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