The Turkey Finale

Sorry that I’ve been MIA today. Its been a really busy day. Tim and I went to the bank first thing this morning to sign the papers to refinance his truck. This will save us about $60/month. Yay!

After the bank I had a hair appointment. I’m happy to say that I no longer look like a shaggy dog, however I can’t pull my hair up in a ponytail anymore because its too short. I ran on the treadmill this afternoon and it was extremely annoying to have sweaty wet hair hitting me in the face and neck while I ran. 😦

I did 5 miles on the treadmill. I was only scheduled to run 3, but I decided to go ahead and do my 5 for tomorrow since I had more time today. Tomorrow I have to go back to work so time will be limited.

We finally got rid of the rest of the turkey from Thanksgiving. Whew! I was starting to think that bird was going to get the best of me. You may know from reading some of my previous posts that I have become ridiculously frugal since October when I created a family budget to pay off our debt ASAP. I’m happy to say that our turkey did not die in vain, we ate every ounce of the leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Tonight for dinner I made Turkey Enchiladas.

They were absolutely delicous! I think this might have been the best recipe I made with the leftover turkey although the Tex-Mex Turkey Soup was really good too. You may notice I make alot of mexican dishes and I should buy stock in sour cream because we eat it like crazy!

I reminded Tim that we bought a 2nd turkey for Christmas. So I guess we’ll be going through this again in about a month! AAAHHHH!


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One response to “The Turkey Finale

  1. Do we get to see pics of the haircut? 🙂 I always make sure I can pull mine back too, for exercising.

    We are still going through our leftovers. Bit by bit… they will soon be gone. Then, you’re right, it starts all over again in three weeks! 😛

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