By Special Request

I have just a few short minutes to write a quick post before heading back to work tonight. The last 7 days off have been glorious, but its time to earn my paycheck again.

I started off the morning with a hardy breakfast of turkey sausage, home fries, and scrambled Egg Beaters.

I spent the morning taking care of Lincoln and doing mundane things around the house to prepare myself for the next 3 nights at work. I work 12 hour shifts so I don’t have time to do housework at all for several days.  I also made some homemade hummus. Its so much cheaper this way!

For lunch I had: a cucumber, sprout and hummus sammy, baby carrots and more hummus, and a pickle.

I took a nap for 2 glorious hours to prepare myself for staying up all night tonight. Then I went for a chilly 3 mile run. Its only 40 degrees in Alabama tonight! I had to get outside though!

I did 3 miles in 24:54. This is random but my belly button gets chaffed from the drawstring on my running pants. Does that happen to anyone else? I forget to put Body Glide on my belly button. Haha!

By special request this is a picture of my new haircut …

At first I really liked it, but now I’m not so sure. Its a little short for my taste and I definitely don’t like that I can’t put it in a pony tail when I run. In a couple of weeks it should be just right though.

I better go deliver some babies! Have a great night.



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2 responses to “By Special Request

  1. Your new haircut looks beautiful! You look like a movie star – like Rachel McAdams.

    You know what? A few times this year I have had a little weird scrape in my belly button that hurts when hot water hits it. At first I thought my cat stepped on me in the night and gave it to me, but since it has happened a few times, I wonder if it is a drawstring issue too! Duh! Ha! I am going to use some Body Glide too. Good call on that one!

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