Weekly Review

Miss me much? Yes, I’m still alive. I survived the work week … atleast until Tuesday night.

I didn’t sleep well today. Lincoln kept coming in and out of the bedroom and waking me up. I got up about noon and made a really random lunch.

Shrimp Scampi, pasta and green beans. It probably wasn’t the most nutritious thing in the world considering the shrimp was frozen, the pasta came from a box and the green beans were canned. But hey, it could have been worse!

After lunch Tim and I headed out for our weekly long run. We were scheduled to do 7 miles this week, but Tim didn’t get the chance to do his 9-miler last week so he wanted to make it up. I however, wasn’t interested in running any more than I was scheduled since I didn’t sleep well today. We went out to Fort Toulouse for our run. I like this route because its FLAT, and its 2.5 miles long from one end of the road to the other. Oh and … it has a bike lane. Its a great running spot.

It was frrrreeeezing cold outside, but I just couldn’t stomach doing my long run on the treadmill today so we decided to tough it out outside. I dressed really warm with 2 long sleeve shirts on, ear warmers and gloves.


It was a pretty decent run considering how tired I was. I did 7 miles in 1:00:47. My splits were:

Mile 1 – 8:32
Mile 2 – 8:30
Mile 3 – 8:31
Mile 4 – 8:42
Mile 5 – 8:53
Mile 6 – 8:50
Mile 7 – 8:45

After I finished my 7 miles, I sat in the car and tried to warm up and read a book while Tim finished his 9 miles. I also did some really good stretching because my calves were feeling extremely tight.

For dinner tonight I made steak, corn on the cob and broccoli with cheese sauce. It wasn’t the best thing I ever ate, but it filled my belly.

Today finishes out the first week since I started my December Goals. Here’s my self-assessment of how I did:

Take Vitamins Daily – I’m gonna give myself a B for this one. I tried really hard to take them everyday, but I think I might have missed a day or two while I was working.

No Snacking On Other Peoples Food At Work – A+, I did great on this one. I didn’t touch a single bite of snack food that anyone brought to work this week. There were a couple times where I came really close. Last night I actually picked up a pack of chewy Sprees and put them back down when I remembered my goals.

Stay Within Allotted Points – A+, I’m finishing out the week with about 10 uneaten Activity Points. I did eat all of my daily and weekly points and 15 Activity Points, but I honestly think I need atleast that much because of the amount of exercise I’m doing.

Track Points Everyday – A, Not a problem! I think I might have forgotten to count a couple small things like hot chocolate, but overall I did great with my tracking.

Weigh and Measure All Food – B, I have a tendency to eyeball things and I caught myself doing it a few times this week with cheese, sour cream, etc. At this point though I can pretty accurately eyeball serving sizes of most things.

Minimize Sweets – C, I ate sweets almost every single day this week. (And I’ll probably have some later tonight) But I haven’t gone completely overboard with it. I don’t know why I have a sweet tooth all of a sudden lately, its not normal for me.

Concentrate on Nutrition – B-, I really tried to make sure I ate balanced meals this week, but I’m not gonna lie I dipped into the Doritos a few times.

No Binges – B+, I had one binge moment this week with graham crackers and peanut butter, but I recognized that I was starting to binge and threw the rest of the crackers I was shoveling in my mouth into the garbage.

Stop Eating When Satisfied – C, I kept eating after I knew I was satisfied several times this week. I need to work on this the most!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Although I haven’t been posting my weigh-in results lately I wanted to say that I am secretly hoping to hit my goal weight in the morning. I know I’m really close, and I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day. I’ll definitely let you know. Have a great night!



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3 responses to “Weekly Review

  1. Allison Hilyer

    Amanda, you amaze me! David and I are signed up for the Seaside 1/2 Marathon and I am scared to death!! 🙂 I run slow…I know as I lose weight my times will get better…I am hoping for a 20 lb loss by March(the race is the 7th). We are supposed to be at 6.5 miles this week, but we just got back from Disney, so I am going to repeat the 5 mile long run week. What 1/2 are doing??

  2. I haven’t actually registered yet. I don’t know what I’m holding out for, but I’m planning on doing the Auburn Half Marathon in January. I believe its on the 16th. I think I’m scared to actually register because then its like I’m commiting to it. Where do you like to run at? I’m always looking for new spots, I get so sick of the same routes over and over especially as my distance increases. Which training plan are you using?

    • Allison Hilyer

      I am using Jeff Galloway’s beginner plan. I usually run in my neighborhood(Halcyon) and around East Chase when I run outside. I actually prefer to run on the treadmill so my 3 mile weekly runs are inside. I think we are going to try Deer Creek soon, b/c they have a good loop. I don’t run with David b/c he runs a 7 min mile and I’m a 10! 🙂 I have a few friends that are going to run Seaside with me that are close to my pace. I’ve heard if you can run 8 miles, you can run a “half”.

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