Family Date Night

I made some yummy pancakes for breakfast this morning after I found out I had definitely reached my goal weight. It was my celebratory breakfast, plus I’ve been slightly obsessed with flavored pancakes lately. That and .. I had some ingredients I needed to use up. So I chopped up some pecans and mashed a couple bananas and made Banana Pecan Pancakes. Delish!

My Aerogarden is already sprouting! I can’t wait to have fresh herbs to cook with. I wish I had cilantro though, I use it sooo much. I’d trade my mint for cilantro any day of the week. I might have to do some investigation and see if I can get some different herb pods for my Aerogarden.

Lunch was a spinach, cucumber and hummus sammy. I think I’m gonna start using spinach instead of sprouts on my hummus sandwhiches from now on. Sprouts are pretty expensive, and I’ve been on that psycho budget kick lately. I can get a huge bag of spinach for less than a small thing of sprouts and I really didn’t miss them. I had a side of green beans, but what I really wanted was Doritos. I’m trying to keep those December Goals in mind!

We are getting ready to go out tonight for “Family Date Night”, as I have dubbed it. Its really more like “don’t have a babysitter so I guess we’ll take the baby along for dinner” night. I originally wanted to go back to Wintzell’s Oyster House, but we were just there not too long ago so I decided to change it up. I think we are going to ultimately decide on The Brew Pub.

Well nevermind … just as I type that Tim tells me he’d rather go to Wintzell’s afterall.

I couldn’t decide if the shirt I am wearing is actually a shirt or if its a dress. It seemed too long to be a shirt and too short to be a dress.

After seeing the picture, I can definitely tell that it is indeed a shirt. But I swear it looks alot longer when I don’t have my arms up.

I’ll be back with all the yummy details of our “Family Date Night” dinner.



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2 responses to “Family Date Night

  1. That aerogarden is so neat! Where do you get those?

    Yum, I LOVE cilantro! LOVE IT!

  2. I bought the Aerogarden online, where every good thing comes from. LOL. I’m not sure if they are sold in stores or not, but eBay is a good place to look. I bought this one for my hubby last Christmas and it sat in our garage for 11 months.

    Cilantro is probably one of my most favorite things ever. Its so fresh tasting.

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