The Food!

I’m pretty sure I just blew my December Goals out of the water! Things got a little out of hand at dinner tonight.

First of all we got to Wintzell’s with 20 minutes left of Happy Hour. $2 mixed drinks! Who can say no to that?! Unfortunately I said yes … three times!

Rum and Coke, one of my faves! For an appetizer we ordered a dozen raw oysters. I have only eaten raw oysters once in my life. I remembered liking them, but its been so long I wasn’t sure if I would still like them or not.

They pretty much rocked! I tried them a couple different ways. With horseradish, without, with cocktail sauce, with lemon juice, straight out of the shell …

But I think my favorite version was .. on a cracker, with horseradish, lemon juice and cocktail sauce. Mmmm!

For my entree I ordered Crab Cakes and Cheese Grits. The crab cakes were served on top of fried green tomatoes. They were probably the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten.

As if all of that wasn’t more than enough, we also ordered Bread Pudding for dessert and shared it. Lincoln loved it, but he was frustrated that it was hot when it came out. He kept trying to eat it even though it was too hot and then he would cry because he would burn his mouth. We ordered him some icecream to cool him off, but he had other plans.

He thought he’d just dip his crayon in the melted icecream and paint with it. Whatever works I guess!

I definitely overdid it tonight, but it was a rare occasion and not the norm. I seriously used to eat this much every night. We used to go out to dinner every single night and sometimes for more than one meal a day. Its no wonder I was 260 pounds! I’ll just run a couple extra miles tomorrow 🙂



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3 responses to “The Food!

  1. Are you still iffy on the new haircut? I still think it looks fab! Especially with the pop of your lipstick!

    Hey, a night of indulgence is okay every once in awhile. As long as you had fun! 🙂

  2. I actually like it alot better now than I did at first. Its still frustrating when I exercise, but otherwise its good. I definitely need to figure out how to not feel guilty after I indulge. Or maybe its a good thing that I feel somewhat guilty, who knows. But I definitely did have fun 🙂

  3. LOVE crab cakes, and they look delish! Indulge without the guilt, it’s so worth it, and it’s no fun otherwise.

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