What a Nightmare!

I dreamed last night that my refrigerator was broken as well as my freezer. I popped up out of bed at 6:25 this morning to check on things. I found that it was 60 degrees in my refrigerator. Fortunately, I also dreamed about the small refrigerator we keep in our garage. I probably wouldn’t have remembered it if it weren’t for the dream. So I cleaned out the fridge at 6:30 this morning and saved what I could and brought the little fridge inside.

Tim called Sears and they are going to come out and see if they can fix everything, but they won’t be able to come until Friday. We packed up a cooler and took Lincoln’s milk, my Almond Milk, cheese and a few other things over to my mother in laws house to keep in her fridge for the next few days. I made a big breakfast and used up some of the things I was worried would go bad. We had eggs, hashbrowns and turkey sausage.

Things like this get me down probably more than they really should. Its times like this when I have to think about how fortunate we really are and remember all the good things we have going for us, so that I don’t blow things like this completely out of proportion.

But it still sucks!


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