12K’s of Christmas – Picture Edition

I got the pictures tonight from our 12K race. Yay!

Picking up my Race Packet.

Nicole and I posing for a picture before the race.

Karen (Nicole's Mom), Nicole and I trying to stay warm at the starting line.

Getting close to the finish line. Soaking wet and thoroughly exhausted!

Crossing the Finish Line! 59:20!



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2 responses to “12K’s of Christmas – Picture Edition

  1. Wow, I’ve spent a bit of time looking through a few of your posts and I must say that you are a very inspiring person. Thank you for your entries and good luck with your life marathon.

    If you wouldn’t mind, I like to feature a weekly image of inspiration on my blog (24298ideas.wordpress) and this week I would like to use the last one of you crossing the finish line. I hope I can cross my own finish lines!
    Let me know if you have any problems with me featuring this photo and I will remove it at once.

    Thanks and stay strong!


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