12K’s of Christmas

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30 and ran outside to check the weather. It was definitely cold and cloudy, but no rain. I decided I would go ahead and do the race. It was nice to sleep in a little later on a race morning than usual. This race started at 9:00 where most of the ones I’ve done have started around 7:00.

I called my friend Nicole at 7:15 to see if she was going to run. Her and her mom were registered to do the 5K, but she sounded a couple nights ago like she wasn’t really looking forward to it and she told me that she definitely wasn’t going if it was raining. But she said they were coming. Yay!

I got dressed in my long Adidas running pants and my Nike long sleeved shirt. Tim makes fun of me all the time for wearing these two together, especially since you can see both logos. I wore a long sleeved t-shirt on top of the Nike shirt, ear warmers and gloves. It was 38 degrees outside when I got in my car and checked the temperature. Nicole sent me a text message right when I got in my car that said “Its raining now”. I called her back and informed her that it wasn’t raining it was sprinkling, and she needed to suck it up and be more hardcore!

My camera battery was dead so I wasn’t able to get any pictures, but Nicole brought hers and took a few. When I get the pictures I’ll post Part Two.

We got beanie hats at this race instead of t-shirts. That was kind of a neat change.

Everyone started getting in place at the start line around 8:45 and of course it started raining. We waited and waited … no one ever announced anything. The rain started getting harder. Then finally a few minutes after 9:00 we got going. I tried really hard to hold myself back some and save my energy because I knew this was a longer race than I’ve ever done before and I would burn out quickly if I exerted all of my energy at the beginning.

My splits were:

Mile 1 – 8:38
Mile 2 – 7:47
Mile 3 – 7:54
Mile 4 – 7:48
Mile 5 – 8:02
Mile 6 – 7:55
Mile 7 – 7:56
Last .45 mile – 4:08 (I forgot to stop my Garmin so this is probably about 30 seconds off)

My official time was 59:20. I peaked over the timekeepers shoulder to see what he wrote down.

Overall I was really happy with how the race went. The rain didn’t bother me much at all once we finally got going. The one thing that did bother me were the puddles! As much as I tried to avoid them I’d end up splashing right through them. As soon as my feet would dry up a little from the last puddle, I was splashing through another one.

I didn’t see my little friend that seems to beat me in every race for our age group so I thought I might stand a chance at coming in first for my age group, but there was another girl that I think may have been in my age group that smoked me. She was behind me almost the entire race … right behind me. But then around mile 5 she kicked it into high gear and I could never catch her again after that. I didn’t wait around for the awards ceremony this time because it was so cold and rainy.

I’m really starting to get excited (and scared) about the Half Marathon in January now!!!



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4 responses to “12K’s of Christmas

  1. Well done on getting out there and racing, despite the weather! :o)

  2. Great job! You totally do get used to running in the rain, although, it is nice to have a change of shoes in the car when you have to go through those puddles. You are going to kick butt at your half!

  3. So cool!!! I am running a few halfs in March, April and May, we can train together…. virtually!

    • I’d love that Deanna. Do you happen to have a Dailymile account? If not you should look into it. Its a great way to track your mileage. Let me know if you have one because I’d love to make you my friend on there.

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