I’m off work for 3 whole days! Its been a chaotic last couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to write as much as normal. Thanks for bearing with me!

I woke up this afternoon and checked my calendar to see what was on the running schedule for today, and was faced with 7 miles! Seven miles normally isn’t that huge of a deal, but I just really wasn’t feeling it today. I worked pretty hard at the hospital this week and ran a couple long runs last week that just have me worn out. But I didn’t totally want to blow off my workout either. Hmmm, what to do?

I haven’t been to the gym in a while, so I decided to go do some time on the elliptical. I figured if I ran 7 miles it would take me about an hour, so I did an hour on the elliptical instead. I like the elliptical on occasion because I can read books on my Kindle while I’m exercising. I actually was able to finish up the book that I’ve been working on while I was there today.

Its all about versatility. I’ve realized that I haven’t been doing much lately other than running and occasionally I just feel burnt out on it, or in the need for a change. Its nice to shake things up every now and then.

For dinner tonight I made another one of my E-Mealz recipes. Chicken Jambalaya with salad and cantaloupe.

I’ve also decided to be a little more versatile with my December Goals that I set for myself as well. I’ve been failing in every aspect so far and I really think that now is the time to cut myself a little slack and enjoy the holidays guilt free. This is a scary concept for me because more than anything I’m afraid of going back to the way I was before. But for the next couple of weeks until New Years, I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to abandon my original plan of tracking all of my food, weighing and measuring, etc, etc .. and instead I’m going to enjoy myself and this special time of the year. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to go wild. I’m going to eat healthy and try to stick to my normal eating habits while also enjoying the special occasions that are coming up without the added stress of counting every calorie that enters and exits my body. Its a scary thought! I know!

Speaking of special occasions … Tim and I are going to be celebrating our 8th Anniversary on Monday. I’m still working on the perfect agenda for the evening. We probably won’t be able to do much other than go out for a nice dinner and drinks somewhere because I only have that one night off of work. I’m researching every restaurant within a 25 mile radius to try to find the perfect place though, so it should be interesting.


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  1. Happy Anniversary for next week. And enjoy the next few weeks guilt free.

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