A Little Overboard

Today’s eats included: a whole wheat biscuit, scrambled Egg Beaters and leftover cantaloupe for breakfast.

Leftover Jambalaya and peas for lunch.

And Pinto beans and ham for dinner with cornbread.

I had a half of a Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar in Walmart while I was waiting on my site-to-store pickup. They look so disgusting, but they are so delicious! I wish I knew how to make them at home, they are a little pricey to buy on a regular basis.

Today was a pretty ordinary day. I went shopping at Publix this morning to get my deals for the week. I bought $150 worth of groceries and only ended up paying $19 after using my coupons and my giftcards. That always makes me happy. 🙂

I waited for Lincoln to take a nap to get on the treadmill this afternoon. I wasn’t actually scheduled for a run today, but I felt like running … so I did. Lincoln was being such a pill! I could tell he was exhausted but he wouldn’t fall asleep. Finally I rocked him to sleep, but as soon as I layed him in his bed he woke up and started screaming again. I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to let him cry it out. He cried for about 8 or 10 minutes and then fell asleep, but when Tim went to go check on him he had vomitted everywhere! Talk about feeling like a horrible mother! I’ve only ever let him cry that long twice and now both times I found him in vomit.

Despite the puke, my run went pretty good. I’m just so ready to get back outside. The weather has been so crappy lately. I ran 5 miles on my treadmill. Most of it I ran at 6.5 mph and I kicked it up to 7.0 mph for the last 15 minutes.

We are having a night shift Christmas party tomorrow night at my friend Nicole’s house and I’ve been researching appetizers to bring. I think I went a little overboard though because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make … so I bought stuff to make everything! I guess I’ll be pretty much catering the party!

I’m making …

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I made these for a party at work last week and they were really good. The ingredient list is kind of strange, but I swear it actually goes great together. Everyone seemed to really like them and I had some leftover meatballs so I decided to make them again.

I’m also making Cream Cheese Pickles. This recipe weirds me out a little. It actually sounds pretty disgusting, but the reviews are so complimentary that I’m curious. Everyone I know that has had these before swears that they are good, so I’m itching to try them. Plus I have a metric ton of cream cheese in my refrigerator that I got for $.25 a block that needs to be used up.

Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Crispy Edamame

I’ve been looking for an excuse to make this edamame recipe so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. What could be bad about olive oil, edamame and parmesan cheese?! If all that wasn’t enough I also bought an extra pack of Lil Smokies to cook in BBQ sauce.

But the pièce de rĂ©sistance that I’m most looking forward to is this …



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2 responses to “A Little Overboard

  1. You are not a horrible mommy – at all ! you can’t predict when the will get sick from crying! Great run though, and can you post that pickle recipe??? Very interesting…

  2. It’s pouring down rain here too much to barbecue, looks like each day this past month.

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