Post-Christmas Long Run

I spent the night at my parent’s house last night for Christmas. I got up early this morning and made a homemade breakfast, including homemade biscuits. Well, I say homemade … they really came from a mix but in my opinion if you have to knead and use a rolling pin it counts as homemade.

Doesn’t my hair look lovely? That is what Tim gets the pleasure displeasure of waking up next to every day. Anyway, I made biscuits, sausage, scrambled eggs and inedible homemade hashbrowns. I’m sure it has something to do with oxidation but after I grated the potatoes they turned pink! And then when I cooked them they turned gray! Who really wants to eat gray hashbrowns? No one apparently and I can’t say I blame them.

Tim and I decided since we were at my family’s house and had plenty of capable babysitters, we would change our long run this week from Sunday to Saturday. We were scheduled to do 12 miles. Up until this point the farthest I’ve ran was 10 miles. I actually dreamed about my run last night and in my dream I couldn’t do it. Normally my dreams don’t bother me much, but for some reason that one stuck with me and intimidated me quite a bit.

I talked with my mom about running for a while before we headed out. She used to be a marathoner and she gave me some tips. My parents have a loop around their neighborhood that is exactly 3 miles. So Tim and I decided to just stay on the loop so that we would always be fairly close to the house if we needed to quit or if something happened.

Atleast 3/4 of the loop is unpaved dirt roads and with all the rain that we’ve been getting in Alabama lately it made for an interesting run. The road was completely washed out in a few areas so I really had to pay attention to my footing. This made my run slightly slower than normal, but I’m happy to report I finished!! I stopped once at mile 9 to go to the bathroom (EMERGENCY!) but I got right back out there and finished up.

My splits:

Mile 1 – 8:37
Mile 2 – 8:48
Mile 3 – 8:54
Mile 4 – 8:53
Mile 5 – 8:38
Mile 6 – 8:51
Mile 7 – 8:58
Mile 8 – 8:45
Mile 9 – 9:00
Mile 10 – 8:58
Mile 11 – 8:34
Mile 12 – 8:17

After the run I was STARVING! I tore up some leftover Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole.

We headed back home (2 hours) this afternoon. We got about  half an hour down the road and I realized that I left my cellphone at my parent’s house. I can’t live without my phone, so we headed back to get it. Thankfully Lincoln was sleeping in the car and wasn’t bothered by going back. When we got back my parents weren’t home and I couldn’t get them on their cellphones. I did some serious burgular-ness and took the screen off the window, lifted the window (which was open about 1 inch) and climbed in the house and retrieved my phone. I felt so sneaky!

By the time we got back to Montgomery we were hungry again and decided we might as well finish off the day with some Mexican food. I had a Steak Fajita Quesadilla and a Margarita. Yummy!

The post-holiday “diet” begins Monday! For real this time.



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2 responses to “Post-Christmas Long Run

  1. Abi

    First of all, I’m so sorry for you and your “slow” run, Speey Gonzales! Second, no fair: your mom was a marathoner? Dang, you got the genes!! Soooo jealous–my mom is a quilter!! I’m happy to report, quilter genes or no, I can run my mile and a half in 11:25 on the treadmill. 100% PT test, here I come! I heart you, Amanda and am immensely proud of you!

    • Thanks Abi! I really do wish we lived closer, I think we’d have so much fun together doing outdoorsy things and letting our kids play together. And btw … quilting is pretty cool too. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt out of Lincoln’s old onesies.

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