Chocolate Chip & Spinach Pancakes

Oh yeah, you heard right … chocolate chip and spinach. Ever since I tried my first Green Monster with spinach and banana and realized that I couldn’t taste the spinach at all, I have been sneaking it into a lot of dishes. Pancakes are one of the only foods that I can get my little boy, Lincoln to eat without putting up a fight. I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to get in more fruits and veggies into his diet.

So yesterday morning I made pancakes with chocolate chips, spinach, and flaxseed.

First I wilted the spinach in a pan so that I could chop it really fine and it wouldn’t be stringy in the pancakes.

I chopped the wilted spinach and added it to the pancake mix with mini chocolate chips, milled flaxseed, milk and an egg.

They look pretty lumpy on the griddle.

But they turned out really good!

Tim doubted the deliciousness of my creation, but as soon as he tried it he said, “I was hatin’ before, but these are really good. You can’t even taste the spinach!”. Lincoln also approved.

I made a 2nd batch with brown sugar and cinnamon with spinach and I can’t decide which I like better. I had one of each 🙂

What recipes do you like to use to sneak extra nutrition into your family meals?



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5 responses to “Chocolate Chip & Spinach Pancakes

  1. I was going through some old blogs of yours, you look amazing! Wow! You totally rock. I hope you inspire others with this success. I’m also so excited for your upcoming 1/2 marathon…way to go!
    Btw, how do you follow your blog? I can’t find a link. Mine is

  2. I haven’t tried to sneak anything in yet, funny that I should read this today, because I was thinking of grilled cheese for dinner tomorrow and sneaking in peas, I figured I can fold the peas in to the cheese.. and they may never know! I’ll let you know how the experiement goes!

  3. I love green monsters. So do both my kids. My kids are different and love fruits and veggies better than cake, cookies and candy. It makes me so proud and more determined to continue on my healthy journey.

  4. I just Googled how to sneak spinach into food! I will be trying this for sure! thank you!

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