Pledge To Be Veg for 30 Days

I have decided to join in a challenge to be vegetarian for a full 30 days. I was surfing around some of my favorite blogs tonight and came across this. You probably remember from my recent post that I’ve been putting some serious thought into vegetarianism lately, so this seemed like the perfect challenge for me to really test it out.

When I read the blog I thought it was a great idea, but I was secretly hoping to start in February so that I’d have over a week to put some serious thought into it and prepare meal ideas and research recipes. But alas, the challenge starts Monday (Jan. 25th) and ends Tuesday, February 23rd. So until then …

During this challenge I will give up all meats including fish and poultry. I will continue to eat eggs, milk, and cheese. I will continue to feed my son meat throughout the 30 days (he really doesn’t eat that much anyway other than the occasional fish stick).

If you would like to join in this challenge with me please let me know. It would be so awesome to have a support system doing this together. Please visit Go Veg for more information.

What will happen at the end of the 30 days? I honestly have no idea. I could decide that I want to be a vegetarian full time, I might decide it sucks … but most like I’ll decide to be a flexitarian. Flexitarianism: A diet that consists primarily of vegetarian food, but includes occasional exceptions. I honestly don’t know that I could live without eating sushi, which is odd because I don’t eat it very often at all but it is my favorite food on earth. Who knows though? My views could drastically change.

I watched this video tonight and it really hit home.

But until Monday, meat is ok. Atleast the meat that I have already purchased. I have not bought any new meat in a couple weeks.

This was our dinner tonight …

It just doesn’t even look appealing to me after watching that video. I’m excited about this challenge!

Tomorrow morning I’m running in my 8th race, a 5K benefitting Youth Leadership. I’ll keep you posted!



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8 responses to “Pledge To Be Veg for 30 Days

  1. Tim

    Your loyal wingman signed the pledge.

  2. Tracy & Dustin

    Hey! Came across your blog from Healthy Tipping Point…perfect timing! We just went meatless on January 2nd for ten weeks. It’s actually been pretty fun trying to come up with new ideas. We’re much more creative in the kitchen now that we aren’t just having our typical meat, rice, and veggie dishes. At this point, I honestly don’t see us going back to being meat-eaters, and if we do, it’ll be on rare occasions. We’ve just felt so good!

    Look forward to reading more about your challenge!! PS. Congrats on your weight loss! You look amazing!

  3. Think I’ll go veg Feb. 1 as well. I already buy the cage free eggs b/c I can’t stand the mess those chickens live in. It won’t be hard. We only eat meat 3 or 4 times a week. But Please oh PLease post recipes. I will need help. I will send you a great italian recipe soon!
    Have a great night!

  4. Good luck! I went vegetarian for a whole year, but become anemic (iron-deficiency). I changed my diet to avoid red meat, but usually have eggs and fish almost everyday. Had to quit eating too much soy protein because it was making the anemia worse.

    Love the sushi, too!

  5. Enjoy your 30 days.
    And well done n your race – awesome results.

  6. Well, so much for the vegetarian idea, my husband almost stroked when I suggested that we try it. His answer was, “well we can go meat-only for a month, I’ll try that”. Men!

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