How Do You Do That With Your Toes?

The shin pain has returned. I woke up this morning almost limping and decided that today is the day for new shoes.

But first breakfast …

Egg Beater omelet with zucchini, yellow bell pepper, fresh basil (from my Aerogarden) and cheese with a side of home fries. The inside looked like this:

After breakfast Lincoln and I headed out to run our errands, starting with buying me some new running shoes. I went to MAC Sports and explained to the lady about my issues I’ve been having recently. She asked a lot of good questions and brought out 3 or 4 pairs of shoes for me to try. Unfortunately we don’t have a specific running store in my area, but I could tell this lady really knew what she was talking about. She said she’s been running for 30 years! I hope I can say that one day 🙂

Anyway, I ended up with these bad boys …

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

Tim and I were looking at my old running shoes and wondering how in the world I did this to the toes …

Strange huh?

Lunch was yummy left over Falafel from dinner last night.

I was so full and satisfied after lunch that I fell asleep for about 30 minutes.

I’m going to trade my scheduled 4 mile run today for elliptical time instead. I feel like I should let my shin rest today then hopefully I’ll be able to pick back up on the schedule tomorrow for a 5-miler and break my new Brooks in.



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3 responses to “How Do You Do That With Your Toes?

  1. Shin splints…massage and heat. That’s what my PT did for me and it saved me! I’d also start making sure to use some icy hot or some product like that. Shin splints are nasty buggers and will bring a good runner down! Kill it Amanda! Ha!

    • Ellen

      Hey I just recovered from shin splints. they freaking hurt like madness. My PT told me after I do light running for a couple of day massage with ice. A good way to do it is fill a dixie cup with water and freeze it, then after your run you can rip the paper off of the top part of the dixie cup and run it up and down your shins. it really helped! My shins were back to normal within a few days!! Hope it helps!…and I love your blog:)

  2. It looks like your Pledge to Be Veg is going awesome!!!! I love the meals you have been making. The veg sandwich and Falafel look so good!!!! I have never had falafel but it looks like something I must try. I have the same running shoes as you…I’ve been wearing Adrenalines for a few years now. I wear the same size too! haha. You are a speedy runner…congrats on that amazing 5k time.

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