Plans and Confession

When I left work this morning I headed straight to Publix and bought a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra to help me unwind after the stressful week I’ve had so far. I had two before I went to bed this morning! Only a true night-shifter can stomach beer at 8:00 in the morning.

I was scheduled to do a 4 mile easy run today, but I thought I might trade it in for elliptical time instead to give my shins a good rest before my 10 miler this weekend. I set my alarm clock for 1:00 so I would have plenty of time to head to the gym this afternoon. When I woke up though I decided I really needed an off day. I’ve been very stressed and burnt out this week and my shin is still bothering me a little bit (not nearly as bad as before). So I spent the afternoon with my little man instead! A great trade 🙂

My mood was lifted when I received my Disney Cruise DVD in the mail.

You might remember that one of my New Years Resolutions was to plan a big Disney vacation for my family this year. The problem is that I can’t decide if I want to do a Disney Cruise or go to Disney World. Lincoln will be 2 1/2 around the time we go, so I’m trying to decide which option would be best for vacationing with a toddler. I was initially leaning towards the cruise since I’m planning on going to Disney World in January for the 2011 Marathon, but now I’m getting alot of feedback that a cruise might be more appropriate for when he’s older. To help me make my decision I bought The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2010.

Ok, confession time. I “accidently” broke my Veg Pledge tonight. I cooked a huge pan of Tofu Stirfry for dinner tonight and just as I was pouring in the Stir-fry sauce I saw that one of the ingredients was oyster sauce. I didn’t have any other sauce options and I had already cooked all the veggies, tofu and rice so I decided to use it anyway.

I immediately felt bad, not because I’m so opposed to eating oyster sauce (I actually think oysters aren’t that big of a deal since they don’t even have brains!) but because I broke the pledge, but I just couldn’t justify throwing away an entire pan of food because of one little uh-oh. I wouldn’t have used the sauce if I had realized ahead of time that it was made from oysters, but I found out too late.

So … dinner was a big bowl of Tofu Stir-fry with brown rice. I added some black beans to the veggie mix.

Time to start paying more attention to ingredients before preparing meals. I imagine these are things that all vegetarians have had to learn at one time or another.

What’s your vote for traveling with a 2 year old? Disney World or a Disney Cruise? Any experiences?



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4 responses to “Plans and Confession

  1. Do the cruise now, and the park when he is older, he will be able to do more rides, enjoy and remember it more.

    My parents told me they took me to DisneyLand when I was very young, 2 or 3, but I don’t remember it. I have no recollections of my life before I started kindergarten. (HHMM, Could it have something to do with suffering a traumatic head injury when I was 3, I don’t know, don’t remember that either, but I have the scars and my parents swear it is true)

    Oysters are kind of in-between animal and plant, but anyway, it’s not really meat, is it? Don’t give up the pledge because of an unintentional mistake.

    I made a Banana-Nut Bread once, out of a recipe book by Dr. Weil, and published it on my blog. One of my readers told me she couldn’t make it or eat it because she was Vegan and it contained honey. Honey, because it comes from an animal, is off limits to vegans. Honey! I kid you not. Even though it doesn’t harm the bees for us to take it. I guess I’ll never be a Vegan, either. Besides, I like seafood too much.

    • Strange about the honey, I never knew vegans didn’t eat it. After this 30 days is over I’m definitely going to be eating seafood. I’m too addicted to sushi to ever give it up permanently. I probably will stay clear of chicken, beef and pork .. but seafood never!

  2. I also used to work a midnight shift and I’d also have a few beers after work, but I considered it my dinner time.

    I had breakfast and coffee in the evening before I went to work.

  3. That’s interesting about the honey. I would have never thought of that, since it’s not an “animal product” in the sense of being a part of an animal. It doesn’t even contain an animal fluid (like milk or eggs) unless bee saliva counts, but i don’t think any of that gets in the honey.

    I would give it a pass, just on the fact that it is the only product consumed by humans that is manufactured by an insect. That just has a coolness factor all it’s own.

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