Long Run, Food Yummies and Near Death Experiences

I normally do my long runs on Sundays, but I had to change it up a little bit this weekend. I did my 10-miler today instead of tomorrow because of child care issues. It actually worked out well since I took yesterday as an off day. So now I’ll take tomorrow as an off day as well and I’ll move yesterday’s scheduled 4 miler to Monday. Confused yet?

This morning I let Lincoln pick which flavor muffins we made for breakfast and he picked Blueberry.

I ate two. And then I ended up eating one more because apparently Lincoln doesn’t like blueberry muffins afterall, and he wouldn’t touch his. 3 muffins, who does that? Oh well, I burned it off and more with this awesome 10-miler!

I actually considered (for a brief second) doing my 10 miles on the treadmill because it was cold and windy today. Ultimately I decided to suck it up, bundle it up, and head out to Fort Toulouse. I’m so glad I did! I had a pretty great run and the cold really didn’t bother me much at all.

My stats:

Distance – 10 miles
Time – 1:25:45
Average Pace – 8:34
Calories Burned – 1152

I made sure to stretch really well afterwards. I feel like I haven’t been devoting the appropriate amount of time to my stretching lately because I’m usually so glad to be done that I just skip it or I’m under time constraints. I stretched for a solid 10 minutes today and I’m not nearly as sore as I was last weekend after my 9-miler.

Lunch was a big bowl of Lentil Soup.

I covered it with parmesan cheese. It seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Dessert was a bowl of chocolate pudding and a few Reduced Fat Nilla Wafers.

Lincoln and I went to a birthday party tonight at Chuck E. Cheese. Lincoln had a good time, but it was quite chaotic and stressful for me. On the way out the door I was behind a woman that was screaming, cussing and physical abusing her children. It was really a sad sight. While we were walking to our car the woman came out of nowhere driving atleast 50 miles an hour through the parking lot and came about 2 inches from slamming into me with her car. She was obviously not paying attention and I could tell that she was still screaming at her children in the car. She had to slam on her breaks so hard to keep from hitting us that her son actually flew out of his seat and slammed into the windshield (obviously not wearing a seatbelt). I actually heard his head thud against the glass.

I was so shaken that I just busted out in tears. I couldn’t even drive for several minutes because I was physically shaking. I called Tim and told him what happened, I was crying and cussing. I think I scared Lincoln because he kept saying “I sorry, I sorry, I sad.” Then I felt bad 😦

I called my grandmother and asked her if I could stop by and calm down before I drove all the way home. I stopped by Salsaritas on my way to her house and got a yummy vegetable burrito. It was enormous! I could only eat half.

After dinner and relaxing at my grandparents house for an hour or so, I finally felt calm enough to drive home. I’m using this as an excuse to drink a beer, and then I’m going to read a few pages of my Living Vegetarian for Dummies before I head to bed.


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One response to “Long Run, Food Yummies and Near Death Experiences

  1. Oh my gosh, what happened to the other lady? Did she stop and buckle her kids in? WOW. I can totally see how that would be so upsetting. how terrible. glad you guys are safe!

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