A Tough Run

I got off work this morning at 7:00 and got about 4 hours of sleep before I woke up in a panic. I’m not really sure what that was all about, but every now and then I’ll shoot up out of the bed afraid that I’ve missed something, or I’m late for something. When that happens there is no going back to sleep.

Sundays are my long run days, but on the 1 week out of the month that I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I have a tough time getting going for my Sunday run. Today was no exception. I didn’t feel incredibly tired even though I only slept 4 hours, but I just wasn’t feeling like running today. I’ve been getting really bored lately with my running routes. Unfortunately there aren’t alot of great places to run close to where I live since I live off of a main road. I really need to find some new spots to shake up my routine a bit.

I finally decided just to suck it up and do my 9-miler in my neighborhood because I knew it would be the quickest. I eventually dragged myself out the door and got going, but it was not easy. I knew I’d feel better once I got going though. WRONG! I looked down at my Garmin … 1.18 miles … oh god, this is gonna suck. I willed myself to keep going, I could have stopped right then and walked home.

I turned left, I turned right, I went down every side street on my normal neighborhood route to try to extend what truly is a 4 mile route into a 9 mile route. I got bored very quickly. Too many turns, too many cul-de-sacs, too many walkers to wave at as I pass so that I don’t feel rude … do I make eye contact, or just keep going? These are all the silly things that plagued my mind as I ran today. My knee started aching at mile 6 … ugh still 3 more miles to go.

I finally decided to start heading back home. I did some quick calculations in my head and figured that I should be just at 9 miles by the time I got home. When I finally reached my street and I was at 8.3 miles I knew I was going to fall short since my street is only 0.3 miles long. Sure enough as soon as I hit my driveway my Garmin clicked over to 8.6 miles. I could have turned around and headed back down the road and finished off my 9 miles, but I didn’t have any drive left in me, my knee was killing me and I couldn’t bare to have to run up the monster hill to my house again … so I quit.

I’ve only been running for a little less than a year, but I have never once quit short. I knew there would come a day when I would have to stop shy of my intended distance. There have been plenty of times I wanted to, but I always motivated myself to keep going by reminding myself that I’ve never quit before and I wasn’t going to start that day. Today, I quit.

I did 8.6 miles in 1:14:40.

When I stopped running and walked into the house I suddenly realized I could barely even walk, my knee was hurting so bad. Then I realized I should have quit alot sooner. I iced my knees really well and did some good stretches, but I’m still feeling very achey. I learned a lesson today that sometimes you should listen to your body and not ignore what its telling you.


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