Resurrection Run 10K

Today was my 10th race and my first 10K!

After resting my foot really well yesterday, I decided before bed last night that it felt good enough to run on today and actually it wasn’t hurting at all this morning. My sinus congestion was still bothering me but I knew that unless I just felt absolutely terrible when I woke up this morning I would probably go ahead and do the race.

I set my alarm clock for 5:00 (I like to get up insanely early before races), but I actually woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t sleep anymore. I couldn’t breathe out of the left side of my nose, but hey … thats why we have 2 nostrils … right? I joked with Tim that I would have to run with Kleenex so I’d have something to blow my nose on mid-race.

The race was held at First United Methodist Church in Prattville and it benefitted their Youth Ministries program. It got underway right at 8:00. The gun went off and I got going … I started my Garmin and my iPod. My iPod was extremely loud for some reason. I tried to turn the volume down but it wouldn’t change. It was stuck at full volume! If you know me you know I hate to hear myself breathe while I’m running, so it was a choice between busting my eardrums and hearing myself breathe. Who needs eardrums … right?

The first couple of miles were the hardest, my body needed to warm-up. I looked down at my Garmin and saw that I was only at 1.85 miles and I though “uh oh, I’m in trouble”. I was running a 7:30 pace. I usually try to tell myself to keep it a little slower at the beginning and speed up closer to the end … conserve my energy. But dangit … I just get so excited I can’t help myself. I finally hit a groove in the 3rd mile and it was easy sailing from then on but I still couldn’t help but thinking to myself, “If you’d done the 5K instead you’d be finished by now!”

There was a point in the race where the course looped around and the people ahead of me passed back by. I noticed that there was only 1 other female infront of me! I was also glad for the opportunity to see Tim as I passed back by him. I felt like I needed to check on him since he hasn’t ran in almost 3 weeks, but he looked really strong. He’s been working mega-long hours and has honestly had no time for running lately.

Finally I spotted the finish line! As I came in I was told that I did finish as the 2nd female 🙂 In true Amanda-fashion I forgot to stop my Garmin, it was almost a full minute later before I remembered. Ooops.

My splits were:

Mile 1 – 7:33
Mile 2 – 7:45
Mile 3 – 7:47
Mile 4 – 7:46
Mile 5 – 8:02
Mile 6 – 7:44

My official time was 48:20!

I won my age division.

All in all a great race even with the congestion and loud music.

I was HANGRY after the race so we decided to celebrate with Mexican food. I ordered a vegetarian quesadilla. I om-nomed it so quickly I forgot to take a picture. It was delish, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now its family nap time. Have a great day!



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3 responses to “Resurrection Run 10K

  1. Corinna Longoria

    I read about you via Kym Klass’s column, she is a friend of mine from college. I have been going through the same things you have and I must say reading about you and your blog have been very inspiring this morning when I am not feeling so hot. I binge eat and then beat myself up for it. I have been on weight watchers online for two weeks, but too embarassed to log what I eat because I overeat and I don’t want to see it in print. I know I need to stop and all I can do is try again. Thanks for listening, Corinna

  2. Rachel

    Wow! You did great! I did the 5k in 32 minutes and something seconds. It was fun! I’m def. gonna do that again.

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