Catching Up!

Missed me? Today is a rest day so I actually have a little time to catch up the blog before I need to get ready for work. My posting is sometime very erratic because I work 12 hour night shifts 3 days a week. The 3 days I work differ from week to week. Confused yet?

My normal routine on my work days is: get up at 4pm, run until 5pm, get in the shower at 5:15 pm, out the door by 6:15, work 6:45 pm – 7:30 am, 8:00-9:00 pack lunches, spend time with the fam, 9:00-4:00 sleep. Doesn’t leave much time for anything! Thankfully its only 3 days a week 🙂

Back before my healthier days it seemed like I had soo much more time, even on workdays. Of course I didn’t have children back then, but I would rarely ever pack any food for work (we’d always order out) so I didn’t have to worry about that, plus I lived less than 5 minutes away from the hospital so I could sleep until 5:45 in the evening and still be at work in plenty of time. I never had to worry about fitting any exercise in, because I didn’t exercise .. and if I did feel froggy and decide to get on the treadmill it was for a leisurely 20 minute walk every now and then. I can’t believe I actually had a treadmill for about 4 years and never used it! What a waste! That baby is getting its usage now though.

I’ve had some pretty boring eats this week while I’ve been working, but I did make one superstar this morning. I was browsing my favorite recipe site and came across this creation:

A Grilled Swiss and Apple Sandwhich. Such a great combination! I wish I would have thought of it earlier. I used whole wheat bread and sprayed each side with PAM, added 1 slice of deli swiss cheese and slices of apple. Delish! Next time I might even use 2 pieces of cheese so it will be a little gooey-er. Mmm … or maybe a little dollop of goat cheese as well.

Of course there have been plenty of these in my recent past as well …

I’ve been experimenting with the Green Smoothies. That one pictured I think turned out pretty disgusting actually. It was tangerine, carrot and kale. Since then I have made one that I really like with kale, grapes and mixed frozen berries. Yum! I took one to work last night and of course everyone said “ewww, what is that?!” No one understands me! LOL

Yesterday I did a HARD treadmill run. My training schedule called for an easy 5 miler, but somehow I got really short on time and had to bang out those 5 miles as fast as I could. It made for a great workout, but I was definitely exhausted! Something about running inside, in one spot, in 70 degree temperature … just drains me. Its so much easier to run outside, but sometimes thats just not an option.

Monday was suppose to be an off day as well, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous! There was no way I could let that day pass without getting a good run in outside. I ran 4 miles through my neighborhood and it felt amazing! I actually don’t like running in my neighborhood at all because I have to cross a major road (twice), there are atleast 2 major hills (one at the very beginning and one at the very end) and there are alot of dogs in my neighborhood. I have actually used my pepper spray 3 times and twice it was in my neighborhood. Thats one of the major reasons my treadmill gets used soo much these days.

Well, time’s up. Time for me to start my afternoon pre-work routine. I’m planning on packing this yummy sammy for dinner than I ran across online.

School Lunch Bagel Sandwhich

 Tomorrow I should have a new ‘do! I’ve got a much needed cut & color scheduled. Lets hope some magic can be worked.



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3 responses to “Catching Up!

  1. Debbie Herbert

    Hi! I read about you in the paper and decided to check out your website – very nice and inspirational! I’ve bookmarked it. Congrats on your success.

    I bought a Vitamix at Costco last year and haven’t used it in quite a while. LOL. I need to dig it back out.


  2. Where did you live before? And where do you live now that you have cross those intersections?

    We lived in rocked! Soooo close!

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