St. Patty’s Lucky 7K

I got up super early this morning to get ready for the St. Patty’s Lucky 7K (4.35 miles) at Huntington College. I was hoping the rain would hold off. Its been raining here for the better part of the last 5 days or so and I’m OVER IT!

This is my I-shouldn’t-have-taken-a-sleeping pill-so-late face.

I took a 3 hour nap yesterday and then of course I had a hard time getting to bed at a decent hour last night. Such is the life of a night-shift worker! I ended up sleeping from about 12:30 to 5:00.

For breakfast I had a Sara Lee Whole Wheat Mini-Bagel, half with peanut butter and honey and half with cream cheese and grape jelly.

The hubby and I met my friend Bailey before the race. I love it when friends run with me πŸ™‚

I hate to say it but this was the most disorganized race I’ve ever attended. The run was scheduled to start at 8:00 and we all headed over to the start line about 5-til, then I find out that they are going to do the 1 mile race first and the race won’t start until 8:30. It was freezing cold outside and starting to sprinkle … and my dumb ass was in shorts and short-sleeves. The police escorts throughout the race weren’t that great either, there was actually a time that I had to stop and wait for traffic to pass because there wasn’t a cop in site.

Before the race a woman came up to me and asked if I was the one that was in the newspaper last week. She went on to tell me that her husband had found the article and encouraged her to read it. She thanked me for being an inspiration. How awesome is that?!

The race got started and it was barely sprinkling at first. By the time I got to mile 3 it was really starting to rain hard. I don’t usually mind running in the rain, but the raindrops kept hitting my contact lenses and making my eyes blurry. At one point I even thought I was going to have to stop because I couldn’t keep my eyes open to see where I was going. Somehow I managed to squint just enough to see a bit and kept going.

The course was beautiful. I love the old houses and landmarks in that part of town. There were lots of hills though that were tough! Loooong slow hills and lots of them. It was a workout for sure! Not to mention that my feet and thighs were so cold they were numb, it was like trying to run with an epidural.

I finished 4.36 miles in 33:45 (according to my Garmin).

Mile 1 – 7:40
Mile 2 – 7:37
Mile 3 – 7:38
Mile 4 – 8:02 (raining really hard!)
Mile 4-4.36 – 2:46 (7:37 pace)

Bailey and I looked kinda like drowned rats when it was all over, and thats after changing into dry clothes!

We hardly ever have anyone to take a picture of the hubby and I together, so we made sure to get one today.

We aren’t very photogenic together considering he’s a full foot taller than me. πŸ˜›

We stayed around after the race just long enough to attend the awards ceremony. I ended up getting 2nd in my age division (20-29). Yay! Atleast the day wasn’t a total bust πŸ™‚

I was frozen to the core and the only thing in the world I wanted was Starbucks … and a hot tub, but I settled for Starbucks.

Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte … Mmmm πŸ™‚

For lunch Tim made me a spinach pizza on a pita, it was wonderful!

I promised him Indian food for dinner. I secretly want it just as bad as he does, but I’ll continue to let him think I’m doing him a favor so I can use it against him later. Thats the way I roll! πŸ™‚


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One response to “St. Patty’s Lucky 7K

  1. Speedy! It was good to see you guys today. Congrats on the medal.

    Food looks wonderful. Love spinach pizza!

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