Still Alive

Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been crazy busy lately with work and with planning my son’s birthday party. Tomorrow is my baby boy’s 2nd birthday! Its been a wild, crazy, fun, and amazing two years.

I’ve had a couple good runs lately. Today was a 5 miler. It was sooo hot outside, its barely spring and it already feels like summer. I was exhausted from work and the heat, but I was glad I got out there. Yesterday I did a really good 4 miler, the weather was much milder and it was a more enjoyable run all the way around. Tuesday I did 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym early in the morning. I’m really starting to enjoy the treadmill more than usual. I think the treadmill at the gym doesn’t seem so bad because there are other people around and I get to look out the window. It almost feels like being outside.

My eating has been OUT OF CONTROL lately! My appetite has just been completely unmanageable. I’ve been trying to stick to mostly healthy foods though. I made my Baked Falafel again a few days ago. So delicious!

I like to serve it on a pita with tzatziki, lettuce or spinach, avocado and tomtaoes. I also made a big pot of my vegetarian chili and Sweet Potato Burritos. I love making several dishes before I go back to work for the week to have on hand for random meals.

I’ll be back as soon. I’ve got some races coming up in the near future to announce. Saturday morning I have a 5K. Probably not the best idea to do a race the day I’m suppose to have a birthday party at my house and have not even begun to prepare. But somehow it’ll work out … that or … I’ll skip the race.

See you soon!


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