Vegetarian Fail.

I had a really long night at work last night, I went in an hour early for a baby shower and I stayed two hours late for a staff meeting this morning, making my total time at the hospital a whopping 15 hours! I definitely needed my sleep today.

I woke up around 1:30 and tried to drag myself out of bed after only three hours of sleep, but I ended up just nomming on some chips & salsa, string cheese and a Kit Kat bar and heading back to bed for another two hours. Not the healthiest lunch by any means.

Finally at 4:30 I was able to coax myself out of bed, and I actually felt up to running. Hubby and I headed to the track at AUM (my old college) and I did my scheduled 5-miler.


My splits were: 8:01, 8:20, 8:33, 8:31, 9:02. I ran part of the last mile with Tim. My sorry attempt at a “romance run”, only lasted about .5 mile.

It was 7:00 by the time we finish our run so we ate dinner at a little cafe in town. We sat outside so that our sweaty smells didn’t offend other diners. I’ve heard really good things about this restaurant, but I’ve never actually been there before. Unfortunately they had virtually nothing vegetarian to offer. I asked the waitress for some direction and she pointed me towards the house salad.

When I received my salad I was not pleased with the size of it, it was absolutely miniscule! I then stooped to a new low of ordering a grilled cheese sandwich off of the kids menu.

2010-04-08 20.00.34

Forgive the bad cellphone picture.

All in all, today was a complete nutritional failure.

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3 responses to “Vegetarian Fail.

  1. emma

    I have found that, too…. it seems like the vegetarian options at a lot of restaurants are the unhealthiest thing on the menu! They’re either swimming in cheese, unhealthy carbs, or both. At least you’re sticking to it, though, and that’s good!

  2. Do you like your Garmin? What are the features? Does it work with something in your shoe like the Nike +?
    I’m asking for all this stuff soon, but I’m researching it now.

    • I absolutely love my Garmin. Its much more accurate than the Nike+, it uses GPS satellite to calculate distance and speed very accurately. It also has biking and running settings, you can set it to show any number of display options. I have mine set to show … Distance, Time, Pace and Heart Rate on the first screen, and Time of Day, Calories Burned and Avg. Pace on the 2nd screen. I’m a gadget junkie, but I really don’t know how any runner does without a Garmin.

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