What About Diversity?

Today started with one of my new favorite breakfasts. Green Stirfry Omelet.


It wasn’t quite as good today as last time because I ran out of Stir-Fry Sauce. I also didn’t have any Tofu to add. But it was still pretty yummy!

After breakfast Lincoln and I went grocery shopping to pick up some essentials. Nothing incredibly interesting.

Lunch was leftover Firenza pizza from SaZa. I actually think the pizza tasted better today than it did last night.

Our grass has gotten out of control with the rain we’ve had lately. I decided that I would attempt to mow the grass this afternoon since it was such a mild day outside. I couldn’t figure out how to keep Lincoln occupied and out of danger, so I strapped him to my back.


I’m sure I was a ridiculous site mowing the grass while pulling around an extension cord (our mower is electric) with a 30 pound kid strapped to my back. Unfortunately it didn’t last long because the motor went out on our mower and it started smoking. Oh well … I guess I’ll have to pay someone to mow it. Sorry neighbors for the state of my yard!

I got a couple cute pics of Lincoln playing outside.


He sure does love his hat!

I was craving mexican tonight, so I made some vegetarian soft tacos. I used Morningstar Farms Meal Starters ground beef substitute instead of my regular Boca Crumbles. They were just as good if not better.


My tacos included:

  • Morningstar Farm Ground Crumbles
  • Mexicorn
  • Onion
  • Avocado
  • Lettuce
  • Salsa
  • Sour Cream

I forgot to buy cheese. I didn’t miss it at all!

While I was cooking dinner I saw the most appalling political ad on TV.

I actually thought I might have heard it wrong so I played it a second time. I couldn’t believe my ears!

Alabama has many foreign companies that provide a large number of jobs in the state. Mercedes and Hyundai both have plants in Alabama, and with that comes a Korean and German community. “Thanks for providing jobs and economic stimulus in our state, but don’t even think about driving here.” Great! No wonder Alabama has such a bad reputation.

Not to mention that:

If his entire political platform is centered around what language our driver’s test is offered in, I think he needs to re-evaluate the needs of Alabama. How about focusing on something that matters? Not offering the driver’s test in other languages is not going to stop illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants couldn’t take the driver’s test in any language.

If this guy is elected Governor … I might just have to move.


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One response to “What About Diversity?

  1. Sam

    Hi! Your tacos look great!

    That political ad you linked reminds me of a small bit in Liam Sullivan’s “Let me borrow that top”.

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