Prattville CityFest 5K

This morning was my 15th race! Its hard to believe that in 7 1/2 months I have run:

  • Eight 5Ks
  • One 7K
  • One 8K
  • Two 10Ks
  • a 12K
  • and Two Half Marathons

The race itself was a fairly familiar course. We’ve run parts of this same course for several of the races I’ve done. The weather was a definite issue this morning though. The temperature was only about 70 degrees but the humidity was OUT OF CONTROL! It literally felt like trying to run in a sauna.

Despite the humidity, I ran as hard as I could. I really struggled the last mile and especially the last half mile. I used to never get side stitches or cramps when I ran, but all of a sudden now I seem to be getting them every race.

The girl that always beats me was there again. And true to form .. she beat me. I thought I might have her today. She always starts off really strong and then somewhere in the middle I end up passing her, and within the last 1/4 mile she zooms past me. Today was no exception. (Hi Deidre!)

I should have gotten a picture with her, but I didn’t think about it.

I finished in 22:06, but the course was only 3.01 miles according to my Garmin.

My splits were: 7:18, 7:23, 7:19.

I did get a few pictures of Hubby finishing up …



And my friend Meagan from work …



After the 5K my cousin (actually my 2nd cousins wife, but you get it) and I ran the 1 mile fun run together, just to stretch our legs out.



Here’s some motivation … This 10 year old boy kicked my butt in the 5K and then ran the 1 mile in 6:30!



So inspiring! … or humiliating. I’m not sure which.

I hope Lincoln will be like that one day. 🙂

I managed to snag 2nd place in my age division (19-29 yrs). Seems like I’m always 2nd place either overall or in age division. Tim tells me “You’ll always be 2nd in my heart”.


After the race Tim and I took showers and headed out for lunch and a day of shopping. I had a huge salad at Jason’s Deli. It was just what I needed!


I’ve got a few more post-race activities to share, but I’ll save that for a later blog. For now I’m headed to the kitchen to finish up some Eggplant Parmesan for dinner. I’m starving!



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2 responses to “Prattville CityFest 5K

  1. Another awesome race Amanda. Your running is so inspiring. What an amazing example you and Tim are setting for Lincoln.
    As for dierdre – you’ll beat her one day – I know it!

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