Finally A Long Run!

This morning I woke up with only one thing in mind. Completing my weekly long run. Today I was scheduled to run 10 miles, but it has been 4 weeks since I have been able to complete my intended distance for my long run. There have been various reasons for my inability to finish them, but none the less I mentally needed a good run today.

I wasn’t able to get out as early as I would have liked this morning because I let Hubby go run with R3 (local running club), while I stayed at home with the toddler. By the time I was finally able to head out for my run it was almost 10:00 and 80 degrees with high humidity. I seriously considered trying to do my run on my treadmill instead, but ultimately decided to tough it out in the great outdoors.

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My only goal for today was to complete the 10 mile distance without regard to time or pace. I put my iPod on my “Chill Running Music” playlist and set out at a pace I felt I could maintain for the entire 10 miles.

At about the 5.25 mile mark Hubby and Little Man drove by to check on me. I had completely ran out of water, there was a water fountain at the back of the park that I planned on refilling at but it wasn’t working today. Tim went to the store and bought a couple bottles of water and brought them to me to refill my bottle with.

I bought a new bottle to run with off of Amazon last week because my Camel Bak bounces around so much and rubs up against my neck when I run.


I ended up going through 3 bottles of water during my run. Of course probably atleast half of it I poured on my head because I was extremely hot! The weather forecast called for rain today and I was definitely hoping for it, but no such luck.

I met up with Tim and Lincoln again a little over  the 7 mile mark to refill my bottle again and stretch a bit. I was really starting to get tired and hot by then. I knew I had to finish though. It had nothing to do with physically being able to complete the run, I needed to do it for myself mentally. So I pushed on …

I completed my 10 mile run in 1:29:57.

My splits were: 8:48, 8:57, 8:54, 9:25 (not sure what that was about), 8:58, 9:03, 9:05, 8:39.

By the time I made it home and showered I was HANGRY! I ate an enormous and delicious lunch to refuel myself after burning nearly 1200 calories.


I had a Chipolte Black Bean Burger on a Bagel Thin with a large side of Sweet Potato fries. I also had an unpictured piece of Carrot Cake for dessert. And a beer.

Now I’m happy and full!

I was surprised how good the burger was. We picked these up at Costco yesterday, they were not cheap but now I atleast know they were worth the money. We also picked up …




Just in case you happened to wonder what we buy when we go to Costco. These are our staples!



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3 responses to “Finally A Long Run!

  1. Dang! You picked a muggy day for a long run.

    That Black Bean Burger looks yummy, I will have to try.

  2. What’s the agave for? I’ve heard of it used as an ingredient for margaritas (yum!) but curious to know what you’re doing with it. Great posts!

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