Missed you guys yesterday! The BFF came down from Birmingham for a visit and spent the night. We so rarely get to see each other it seems like that there is just no time for blogging when she is around.

My best friend is Vanessa.


We’ve known each other since we were 18, so about 10-11 years.


Check out those glasses and those hideous bangs! Blast from the past!


A few years ago Vanessa moved about 2 hours away, but we stayed in close contact. We surprisingly got pregnant at almost the same time, and both ended up having boys.


Lincoln and Jackson were born only 6 weeks apart. And they were BFFs too, right from the start.


Or not … but it got better.


Yesterday we took the boys to the park to feed the ducks. They’ve grown up so much since those little baby pictures.


They had so much fun playing with the racecars inside the museum together.


We used some of the leftovers from “date night” and made delicious homemade pizzas again.



Basically the same ingredients as last time plus a couple extras: goat cheese, feta, brie, calamata olives, sundried tomato, mushrooms and spinach. Plus some fresh herbs from Vanessa’s garden.

After dinner we bathed the boys and put them to bed while we enjoyed some adult time and a few more drinks.


The one that looks like me is mine. Go figure!

Although it was a pretty subdued day we had a great time hanging out and letting our little ones develop their BFF-ness. But now its back to reality.

This morning for breakfast I tried something a little strange a different.


Just follow me here …. I planned on making a bagel sandwich with an egg, but I couldn’t find anything else to put on it until … I randomly came across a frozen falafel patty. I topped the falafel with the cooked egg, a little spinach from last night and spread some tzatziki on a bagel thin and made a sandwich out of it. Probably one of the strangest combinations I’ve ever concocted, but it was sooo good! I’m not sure the egg brought much to the party, maybe next time I’ll skip the egg and call it lunch. 🙂


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