Please Explain

Running skirts. Function? Fashion? Both? โ€ฆ Neither? I do not get. Please explain.




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  1. I’m with you! I need something between my thighs! LOL

    • Helen

      You can running skirts that have compression shorts underneath so that you have something between your thighs. I LOVE wearing running skirts, like someone else said there’s something about being feminine and kicking butt at the same time. Plus to me they just feel better than shorts.

  2. Allison

    They look cute?

  3. give us a call and we’ll “skirt” you – you’ve got to try it & you’ll understand! 760.230.8187

  4. Amanda

    There is something about the feminine feeling a skirt allows for, while kicking so much butt…

  5. Susan

    I’ve been running just over one year now. This week was the first in a running skirt. I LOVE waking up in the morning and putting this on. For me, all those pics from races with shorts that seem to creep up the middle…yuk! I wear the skirts with built in compression shorts and won’t go back!

  6. I LOVE running skirts (and they do have shorts or briefs attached, so you have something between your thighs). I love the freedom to move without the thigh ride-up. Try one and you won’t want to go back to shorts!!

  7. It took me a long time to convert to a skirt….a very long time but now it is all that I run in. The ones with the shorts under it prevent chub rub and are truly very flattering. I also recently have used the ones with the brief, I have pretty big thighs and a round rearend and it worked out great, I didn’t tug at all. Perfect fit is the biggest thing that you are going for and getting a good skirt, not one off of the target clearance rack. If you are confused about fit, call the skirt company. I have found that Cindy and Christy at are so very helpful and they are very picky about making sure that you LOVE the product. Once you go to a skirt you will never go back. Trust me!

  8. ooh and let me also say that is so easy to do my errands after a run with a cute skirt on…I don’t feel like I have the just worked out look about me… I just change shirts and do errands. It is that simple.

  9. I LOVE my running skirts and won’t wear anything else. I have also started wearing running dresses. The skirts are both…function and fashion. It you get the right fitting skirt with the right bottoms they don’t ride up and allow you to run freely. You should definitely try one. You’ll be hooked! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Kelly

    Skirts are amazing! It’s like running in underwear (if you get the right kind of skirt) and it’s super comfortable. I love wearing my skirts (I have about 5) because I feel so much cuter than I ever have in shorts. When you wear a skirt, you don’t have to worry about those awkward times when you have to pull your shorts away from your thigh as it creeps up. Really, skirts are the way to go. You can use Glide on the thighs if chafing is a problem

  11. Suzanne

    There is something between your thighs: shorts! Under most all running skirts are various lengths of spandex shorts.
    I love my running skirts. They cover better than running shorts and I feel invincible when I run!

  12. I love wearing compression shorts when I run, but I like leaving things to the imagination =) The skirts give me the shorts I love, and the coverage I want. And, being a bit of a diva, I feel pretty wearing them =)

  13. Michelle B

    Don’t judge until you try!

  14. Shorts bunch up between my legs when I run; skirts don’t. Plus, they’re cute!

  15. I was suspicious too. But they are amazing! I like the ones with the shorts underneath. I hate wearing shorts because they always bunch up and I’m always tugging at them. But not so with a skirt!! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Ani

    running skirts are wonderful!!!!!! check out they have a version The athletic style) that has compression shorts underneath. I too am one who needs some shorts otherwise the chub run is unbearable. So you have the shorts, and you have the added comfort of not being super exposed in the shorts. If you are super crafty you can also make your own in fabulous colors.

    I too started running to lose weight and shrank out of my first skirt. Now I am pregnant and running and just bought a maternity running skirt and and cant wait to go running with it.

    you just have to try some different ones to find a fit you like (just like any other piece of fitness clothing)

  17. I love my running skirt! I like it much better than shorts (they tend to ride up) and track pants (they get too hot). Plus it’s very cute.

  18. Nicole

    Why running skirts? They are COMFORTABLE and they are seriously cute. You don’t have to worry with the annoying bunching up that you have with shorts (I am not fortunate enough to have inner thighs that don’t touch). If you “need something between your legs” you can get the kind with compression shorts rather than just a brief. Here’s they bigger question… Why not?

  19. Emily

    I LOVE my skirts. I just ran my first marathon in one and it was so comfortable. The compression shorts fit well and the skirt covered everything but was still lightweight. No need for vaseline. And…they are so cute. I run in nothing else!

  20. Karen

    I never in a million years thought I would run in a skirt. I mean who works out in a skirt anyway….I picked up my first one to just see what the hype was and have never looked back.
    I ran my first marathon with typically running shorts and a fuel belt and ended up with the dreaded ‘runners rub’ and ditched the belt after the half way mark because it became too cumbersome. I then needed a cure from the rub and a place to put my gel packs or key. I found a skirt with pockets at an expo and loved the convenience of having “storage”. The skirt also had the biker type short underneath. Both of my problems were solved. I now have found skirts that are both functional and fashionable ( I race every other weekend and always get compliments on how great they look. Now I get skirts to match the event – shamrock shuffle I rocked a green plaid, Disney princess 1/2 was pink and the marine corp marathon gets the camo print.
    Try one out… you really might like it. They do live up to the hype ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Crystal


    Hi, just found your blog. I LOVE my running skirts! I’m a new mom of 7 months and ran throughout my pregnancy…in a skirt! Aside from the cute factor, the main reason I run in a skirt is for the function. Shorts always rode completely up on me, and I was always pulling them down. Mid-thigh length bike shorts always ended up looking like boy shorts! I like the skirts with briefs because it eliminates the problem without looking like you are running in bikini bottoms. Plus, your race photos are always great because your shorts aren’t all up in your business. Most of my friends prefer to run in the skirts with shorts underneath, though, to prevent chub rub. The lack of pockets on a lot of running shorts sent me looking for something else, too. My favorite skirts are from (their maternity skirt was awesome). I will never run in shorts again!

  22. Heather

    I love running in my running skirt!! I do triathlons too. I wear my tri/bike shorts for the swim and bike and then I throw my running skirt over the tri-short for a “cuter” look. When I’m just running I wear the skirt by itself and I love the way it feels. I have skirts with built in shorts under them too and that would solve your thigh problem….they’re called “athletic skirts” check them out!! :O)

  23. Nasim

    Skirts = the most comfortable article of running clothing that I own. I wore them once and got rid of all my shorts. I hated when my shorts bunched up in the middle and having to constantly pull them down. A skirt easily solves that problem and provides a breeze in between your legs…which is always appreciated! And the best part of wearing a skirt…you look damn cute! Try it out and see how you like it!

  24. I ran in my first skirt 2 years ago and have NEVER worn shorts EVER again- marathon, half marathon, races, training, spinning, gym, yoga, EVERYTHINg in my skirt!! TRY it you will never want to wear shorts again in you life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. I own a cheetah running skirt from, and I ALWAYS can compliments when I wear it for a run (even from men!). So yes, they are stylish, but also, they allow you to run in briefs or spandex shorts with a bit of modesty. I prefer to have shorts underneath because it keeps me from chafing, but I just don’t have the guts to run in shorts alone. Give them a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Beth

    If you try the skirt you will love it…I resisted for WAY too long… I love the way they feel and I agree with Kelly it is like running in jammies or underwear depends on how you want to phrase it ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. rene whiteley

    i wear a skirt almost everyday. once you try it you will never want to wear shorts again. they don’t bunch up in the middle and the ones from have great “underwear” underneath so they don’t ride the whole time. plus…they are so stinkin’ cute!!!! go for it!!!
    p.s. just found your blog, it is great!

  28. I used to love running in my split side shorts. I am not a girly girl and don’t wear dresses and skirts on a normal basis, heck I don’t even like make up. Then a forum of women runners convinced me to try a skirt from I haven’t run in shorts since! No bunching up of the short fabric between my thighs. They are cool and breezy, perfect for summer running in the south. At you can get them with compression shorts or briefs. I love the briefs. I do have to use a bit of body glide with them but I had to in shorts as well. They really look so much more flattering on your legs. My thighs looks so much slimmer in them. They aren’t just about fashion but comfort and function. Oh, and skirts have awesomely large pockets on each hip for stashing all your needs. In the winter by the end of a run I’ll have a hanky, arm sleeves, gloves, and my monster sized car key shoved into the pockets with no problems.

  29. Anne

    I have run for thirty years. Bought a skirt three years ago and now own five ( The shorts underneath + more coverage front and back = most comfortable, sassy running gear you’ll ever find!

  30. OK, so I am one of those who says “It’s all about the gear!” ‘Cause it is … I’ve learned if you aren’t comfortable, you just aren’t going to run. I have been running in skirts since they first appeared on the scene. I like having “nothing” on my legs (as opposed to crop pants) but I’m too old for short shorts! Basically a wrinkle in a running suit, lol … and I hate my thighs touching and bunching up shorts. NOT pretty. But the skirts with compression shorts are awesome. I feel feminine and flirty and fun … I ran most recently in the pink plaid Running Skirts skirt with hot pink compression socks. I looked like “Catholic schoolgirl meets athlete.”

    Go for it. You won’t regret it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is short …

  31. Dana

    First I want to say how great I think you are for taking charge of your health. Your little boy will love growing up with an active Mom! What a great gift you are giving him.

    I too am a skirt convert. There was nothing pretty about pulling at your shorts (you know your Mom told you not to!) even while running. My Mom was a marathon runner and looking back at pictures she was looking great, except for those creeping shorts. I started running in skirts one year ago and I will never go back. They are cool and comfortable and with the right skirt never ride up. They also keep all of the wobbly bits under cover so the whole world won’t see what you have going on. Give them a try, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. I like Big pockets and cute styles.

  32. Kellie

    why a skirt?
    1)Modesty- Bun huggers are not for me. I see enough inner thighs on L&D. I don’t to show mine on the race course
    2)I coach for Girls on the Run and its a great visual for the girls that you can be both a girl (I am NOT a girly girl) and an athlete
    3) I get a perverse sense of pleasure from passing some young guy on the race course and thinking “yes, a woman in a skirt just passed you and oh btw I’m old enough to be your mother”

    • LOL Love it! I’m with you on the seeing enough thighs in L&D. Also … it would be awfully satisfying to pass some guys while wearing a skirt and my Bondi Band that says “Some girls chase boys, I pass ’em”.

  33. g.

    Once upon a time, I used to wear shorts when I ran because I “needed something between my legs”… and then I tried a skirt. And never ever went back to shorts. ever. Because when you’re wearing a skirt, there’s nothing to bunch up in strategically bad places!

  34. LOVE the skirts!! I’m wore my cheetah athletic skirts bike riding and hiking today. Love, love, love them!

  35. Hรกma

    OMG, I just realized I own _seven_ running skirts (one of them is Subzero)… They are so comfy and super cute! I love the different styles Running Skirts offer! I think I might need an ultra skirt too…

  36. Donna S

    I am 59 years old and wasn’t allowed to wear pants to school, so when running skirts came out..I thought didn’t want to go back to the 60’s again..but tried one and won’t go running

  37. Rebecca Tadema-Wielandt

    Where to start…First, get one from are hands down the best. Second, running skirts are functional first and super cute and sassy second. There is no way I would run in something that was not comfortable..unlike all of my running shorts, that ride up, bunch, are too short..too long..too boring! And if you are worried about chafing, I have thighs..thighs that rub. But it was the fabric of the shorts that was causing the chafing. If I do a long run, say 10 or more miles, I apply some body glide and there. is. no. chafing. skirts have two side pockets, a super comfy and forgiving wide waist band and are just a bit longer in the back to keep you all covered. So take some measurements and give the skirt girls a call, you won’t regret it!

  38. Amanda

    Amanda – skirts are where it’s at. Admittedly, you’re faster than me (my PB for the 10k is 58 minutes 30.3 seconds, just a couple of weeks ago), but I’ve gotta say, I LOVE to run in my skirts. I’ve been running in a skirt for the past 2 and a half years or so, and they’re great. I’ve always worn longer shorts, because no matter how hard I work on my body, my thighs always seem to rub. I had major chafing issues in shorts, but I wear a Running Skirt from (it’s the one with the briefs, not shorts underneath), and hardly ever use any body glide — unless it’s a brutally hot day! I have 5 running skirts, and recently bought my first Athletic skirt (with shorts underneath) – in Purple plaid. I can’t wait to try it out! I was a skeptic too, until Cindy showed me the way! Good luck!

  39. Deb

    First skirts are made to make woman look attractive. Even the skinnest woman looks hippy in running shorts. No big elastic strap around the waist like shorts, nice and smooth with a running skirt. pockets on the side for my gels and I pod. Also it is very comfortable, like running in your underwear! Takes forever to find a short that fits right but skirts always do!!

  40. Suzie

    I love my running skirts! My 16 yr old and I have matching skirts for the races we run together. I have tried the skirts from the major athletic manufacturers but my favorite skirts are made by those 2 wonderful sisters in southern California. They fit beautifully and feel GREAT! If they can make me look good they can make ANYONE look good! You must try one!

  41. I LOVE my Running Skirts. I actually wear the “athletic skirt” made by Running Skirts, which has a compression short instead of a brief underneath (I have large thighs and didn’t want to try the skirts with briefs). They are cute but modest, and EXTREMELY comfortable. Plus, I’m a U. S. Marine, and since I wear combat boots all day, it is always fun to scream “I’m a girl and I kick butt” every once in a while, and boy is it fun to pass a guy when you are wearing a skirt! I have done half-marathons, 15k’s, 10k’s, and mud runs in my skirts. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing running shorts all together. I even wear my running skirts for aerobics classes and weight lifting. I never have to worry that I’m flashing my undergarments for the whole gym to see, and I’m super comfortable while working out. Try it, you’ll never go back to shorts.

  42. Amy

    I too was skeptical of the running skirt and thought they were kind of silly…then i tried one! I LOVE them! I now own 5 and run in them all the time. I love the skirts from, the first two i ran in were the “athletic” style with the compression shorts. I just recently tried the standard skirt (with the bun huggers) and it was great! Next i’m going to try the ones with leggings for the colder mornings! Give it a try, you might just find that you love them!

  43. Amy

    Take Christy and Cindy up on the offer to “skirt” you! You will never ever go back to shorts! I promise!

  44. I like the fact that the compression shorts keep my legs from rashing together and the skirt gives me coverage. I also feel a little sassy when I am running in a skirt!
    You really might like it if you try it.
    Go ahead try it!

  45. Hey!
    You have to sport the running skirt! I have two little baby boys and the running skirt is what brought me back from my old pregnancy ways of eating etc. It was so fun to go run on the beach with my babies looking cute in a running skirt! They look great on everyone and you can pick whatever colour and style you want. AND you don’t get all sticky and sweaty in them, you never get the sweaty skunk stripe and you can go grab an ice-cream right after and still look good!
    You have to try it out – I am certain you will love it!

  46. susan

    Once i went “skirt” i never went back and that was almost 2 years and lots of skirts later…. (i’ve tried like 6 brands…) my favorite brand… – why? great fit and i can choose between skirt with spanks (which i love in the summer and off road – easy to pee in :0) , a skirt with bike shorts underneath – ones long enough to prevent chaffing if you have chub rub, or a skirt to pop over compression tights. They are snug in the butt and stay put so you don’t need the squeezy elastic around the waist that is horrid.. and have some great pockets to stash a phone or snack…

    and yes – they are totally adorable. i LOVE that i wear a cute little skirt then ROCK 26.2 miles!

    seriously – i totally love them

  47. Christel

    Why? Runningskirts are so comfortable! It’s actually like running in underwear, but with your butt covered. They do what they have to do on a 5K, but also on a marathon or further. And they’re supercute!

  48. Stephanie

    My take on running skirts is “Don’t knock em’ until you try em’. ”

    Once you go in a skirt, you won’t want to go back. When I first tried a running skirt, I was in awe at how much easier it was to run in. No bunching of my shorts. I had pockets to hold my gels, kleenex, chapstick, iPod whatever. Can’t find that in most running shorts. Skirts are so feminine and really make a statement when out on the course. (Heck I think we women have converted a few guys too.—Jealous maybe? Who knows? but I have seen a few wearing them!)

    Needless to say, I will never go back to wearing shorts again. I prefer the skirts from Great fit, excellent customer service. Cute prints with several styles to choose from based on your personal preference. Brief, Athletic, even Maternity! Lots of colors too to match all your favorite tops.

    Give a skirt a try and see what we’re all talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Running!

  49. Amanda, I know you would love a running skirt from if you tried one on and went for a little jog or two. I am not sure if you would like the athletic shorts or briefs underneath, but you will love the product. I find that it wears well when running, shopping or just laying around the house. I have 16 of these wonderful skirts and I wear them all the time. You should try one. I would say the only complaint I have right now is thier new fashion skirts that have come out recently the mesh briefs don’t fit like the older ones do. They just don’t hug your butt as well as the older ones do. Not sure why, but that is my only complaint the upside to that is, they will rush you something else in it’s place until you are happy with your purchase. And if not then they are good about giving your money back to you if you are not 100% convienced.

    • I got one in the mail today and it was a very comfortable material, but it was a little too tight. I’m going to send it back and get the next size up and see what happens. Its hard to find things that fit me well sometimes because I have alot of loose skin that makes me bigger than I really am. Unfortunately alot of it is around my stomach. Anyway … I’ll let you know what I think if I find one that I feel comfortable wearing that doesn’t make me look ridiculous.

  50. Cindy D.

    Running skirts from are the best! I tried running skirts from two other companies and they were just not comfortable. The skirts from are awesome. I will not run in shorts ever again. I wear the skirts with the brief (basically a skirt with a built in same color brief like cheerleaders wear under their skirts). While running, it feels like there is nothing there, but I still have full coverage and no bunching between the legs like shorts are prone to do. Not only are the skirts very comfortable in the cut, they are also made out of a breathable fabric. When I used to wear traditional shorts, my underwear were always soaked with sweat when I completed a run. Because the fabric of skirts is breathable allowing sweat to quickly evaporate, I do not have this problem any more.

    I originally tried running skirts because I wanted to look cute, but now I love them because not only do I look good, but the performance of the skirts is so much better than any pair of shorts.

    I love skirts! You should really take Chrisy and Cindy up on their offer to skirt you so you can give it a try!

  51. Glad to see that you took up the girls over at on their offer. Can’t wait to read your thoughts. ROCKS!

  52. I just converted to a Team Sparkle skirt, but only for races. They are super cute.

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