Skirt Update and Mexican Bliss

The little man and I ran some pretty boring errands today. The only thing that made it worthwhile was stopping for mexican food. A little known fact about me … I can eat mexican food 24/7 and never get tired of it, especially if margaritas are involved. Today they were not.

2010-05-24 11.57.50

I love this particular restaurant because they have a more extensive vegetarian menu than any of the other places I have been to. I had “Vegetarian Quesadilla #1”.

2010-05-24 12.00.19

When we got back home from our errands I was happy to see that my package from Running Skirts had arrived. I was surprised to find that they sent me not only a running skirt, but also a shirt and a headband. A complete running outfit!


Unfortunately the skirt was a little snug and not flattering. I’m going to send it back for the next size up. Hopefully the next size will look better. The material was really comfortable and I was actually getting excited about running in it.

The top is really cute.


And I love the back …


I briefly thought about going to the gym tonight for either an elliptical session or a spinning class, but I ultimately decided to give myself a rest day since I exercised every day last week. Sometimes you just need a break! I truly believe working out is more mentally challenging than physically challenging most of the time, atleast for me.

Tonight will be about spending time with family, vegging out and relaxing. Aaah! 🙂


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  1. Crystal

    I just got a Nike running skirt and it is the most comfortable thing I own. I love it! My only complaint is the built in shorts are super short and I still have a bit of thigh rubbing. Do you have use any chaffing creams or even have that problem and what do you use?

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