Back to Routine

I’m trying to get back into my normal routine after being out of town for 4 days, and I think my body is craving fruits and veggies after eating out so much. Last night I randomly decided to head to the gym even though it was a normal rest day. I wanted to go for fun and not necessarily for the sole purpose of burning calories. Its fun to workout because you like it and not because you feel like you have to.

I spent 45 minutes doing a solo Spin workout. I love taking Spinning classes on occasion to change things up a bit from running, but I also love having the room to myself and just doing whatever feels good on the bike. I sometimes sneak in when classes aren’t in session so I can be alone.


If you’ve never tried a Spin class, I suggest you give it a chance. Its a lot of fun and low impact, but it still burns a ton of calories.

After 45 minutes on the bike I was ready for something else, so I thought I’d do a brick workout.  I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I wanted to get a feel for what it was like to go from cycling to running since I’ve heard tons of people talk about what a weird sensation it is. It was definitely a strange feeling and for the first minute or two I wasn’t sure my legs were going to hold me. After about 0.25 miles I started to get my running legs back and then it was smooth sailing.

I headed to the grocery store to pick up one thing and as usual ended up with much more than that. My body must really want fruits and veggies right now because I ended up buying:

  • strawberries
  • blackberries (which I don’t even really like)
  • blueberries
  • watermelon
  • celery
  • baby carrots
  • snow peas
  • spinach
  • Mung Bean Sprouts
  • black bean hummus

I made a huge bowl of homemade Tofu Veggie Stir Fry with the ingredients I bought and some veggies at home that needed to be used up. It really hit the spot!


This morning for breakfast I couldn’t decide what in the world I wanted. I finally decided to make my own version of Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal.


I’ve never actually had the Perfect Oatmeal from Starbucks, but I like the idea. My oatmeal contained:

  • 1/2 quick cook oats
  • 1/2 banana
  • blueberries
  • handful of Fruit & Nut trailmix
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • drizzle of honey

It was amazing! I think this is going to be a new obsession for a while. Be prepared for lots of oatmeal pics in the future.

Unfortunately, part of getting back to my regular routine involves going back to work. I so enjoyed my days off! I always prepare my meals ahead of time and pack my food for work so that I can make sure I’m eating healthy meals, am less tempted to order out and therefore save money.

Working 12 hour shifts on my feet requires that I eat more than one meal while I’m at work. I usually pack dinner, a big snack and breakfast. Sticking with the fruit and veggies theme this is what I packed for tonight.


A huge bowl of Lentil Soup for dinner.

Baby carrots, celery, black bean hummus and mixed berries for snack.

And all the fixin’s for my own Perfect Oatmeal for breakfast.

See you in a few days! Have a great day.



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3 responses to “Back to Routine

  1. Love your blog! I’m an RN, too (ICU). Your comment about working 12 hours on your feet made me think you were one, too:) I also pack a nice, big lunch for work. I start to panic if I don’t have healthy, delicious treats to look forward to during lunch.

  2. What kinds of things do you do solo spinning?! I’m a spin-aholic but think I would be lost without a teacher! 🙂

  3. Tim

    Your version of Perfect Oatmeal looks way better than Starbucks’.

    But I’m biased.

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