Be Innovative

How Tim and I spawned such a picky eater I have no idea. For people who love pretty much all foods, we sure have a finicky son. I want to feed my child healthy meals with lots of fruits and veggies, but all he wants to eat is: pancakes, cheese, corndogs and fish sticks. (Yes, we give him meat). He pretty much won’t eat anything that involves a spoon for some odd reason, so that knocks out tons of options.

Several people have assured me that his fussy eating is a symptom of his age and his desire to demonstrate control. Hopefully this is true, but honestly he’s been this way since day 1.

This morning I decided that breakfast was going to be a oatmeal. Screw it if he doesn’t want to use a spoon. (Yeah, right!)

After 15 minutes of me trying to convince a 2 year old that oatmeal is delicious, pretending the spoon is a train, airplane and rocket that needed to be parked inside his mouth, and dancing around like a fool trying to entice him to try a bite I realized I was beaten. All the while he screamed, “pancakes please! pancaaaaakeees pleeeeeease!”.

Finally I decided to get creative and turn his oatmeal into a “pancake”.


I formed it into a patty and cooked it up in a pan, and he ate every bite. I’m still not sure who won this battle.

If nothing else, being a mother has definitely taught me how to be innovative.



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2 responses to “Be Innovative

  1. Dang it! I just finished my oatmeal and now I’m wondering how an oatmeal pancake tastes?

  2. Kelli Dabney

    Ha, Amanda, I just laughed out load at this! I could picture the whole scenario in my head. I love the idea! You are a great mommy for trying so hard and then still getting him to eat the OATMEAL! You won this one in my book! Way to go!

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