Be Versatile

Sometimes you just gotta be able to change plans at the drop of a hat and be ok with it.

This morning I woke up on my own at the ungodly (for me) hour of 5:50 am. I decided to get up and go for a run before it got too hot instead of going back to sleep. My outside runs have been way too few and far between since early May. Summers in central Alabama are brutal!

As soon as I stepped outside I realized there was no way an outside run was going to happen today. At 6:20 am the temperature was already 81 degrees and the humidity was 95%. It was like being in a sauna, you can almost see the moisture in the air.

2010-06-10 06.25.16

Most of my hardcore friends would have sucked it up and made it work, but I just can’t do it. Instead I decided to hop in the car and head to the gym.

2010-06-10 06.39.23

I planned on running my normal 5 miles, but I felt so great that I decided to make it 6. There’s something about being on the gym treadmill around other people that motivates me so much more than running on my treadmill by myself in my bedroom. I like to pretend I’m racing the people around me. Silly .. I know. But it works.

I ran 6 miles in 46:53, a 7:48 pace! Probably my fastest non-race pace ever. I felt sweaty and great!

After my run I headed home to try a new recipe for breakfast. I bought the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfield. I thought it would help me sneak some nutritious foods into the toddler’s picky menu. I’ve talked before about how much he loves pancakes so the first recipe I decided to try was called Pink Pancakes. I won’t give out the whole recipe, but basically it involved these ingredients:


It certainly was pink!



The texture wasn’t exactly right, but that’s probably because I decided to use the entire can of beets instead of the 1/4 cup called for in the recipe. Tim tasted the pancakes and said they were disgusting. Lincoln however disagreed and ate almost 2! Score!

Tim and I decided to abort the mission and make my version of Perfect Oatmeal instead.


I actually tasted a bite of Lincoln’s Pink Pancake and I didn’t think it was disgusting by any means, but it definitely wasn’t the best healthy pancakes I’ve ever made. I think I’ll stick to my Spinach Pancakes instead though.

I have an all day class tomorrow for work and I was told by a friend that the lunch that is provided is turkey sandwiches. Obviously that won’t do for me, so I need to come up with something to take for myself that doesn’t involve refrigeration or heating. I do have a cooler bag though.

Any ideas?


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One response to “Be Versatile

  1. Chassidy

    How about some kind of pasta salad and a whole wheat wrap with a side of fruit?

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