Old New Favorite

Last night I tried my hand at cooking a whole artichoke.


My experience with artichokes is very limited. I’ve definitely never tried to cook one myself, and my experience with eating artichokes is pretty limited also. I’ve had artichoke hearts preserved in oil on salads, but that’s about the extent of it.

The hubby wanted me to try to re-create a dish he had at a restaurant recently that involved steamed artichokes dipped in hollandaise sauce.

I found this recipe and gave it my own spin by tucking pats of butter between the leaves and sprinkling the whole artichoke with garlic powder before steaming it.


I won’t waste alot of time talking about the cooking process because the result was definitely less than blogworthy. I read that you should scrape the “meat” off the bottom of the leaves with your teeth, but I didn’t find much meat on the leaves. It was definitely more trouble than its worth. Oh well … try, try again.

What was blogworthy though was lunch.

As a kid I used to love to eat tomato sandwiches. They required nothing more than a little mayo, tomato and salt. So yummy!

A few days ago I had the divine inspiration of combining two of my old favorites, the tomato sandwich and the pimento cheese sandwich. The result was nothing short of amazing!

A tiny smear of mayo, tomato, lettuce and pimento cheese on a bun, or in this case, a Bagel Thin. Outstanding! So good in fact that I’ve eaten it for lunch two days in a row now. I served it with a cup of homemade Vegetable Soup that I bought at the Farmer’s Market.


So delish!

Now I’m off to spend the rest of my day relaxing after a tough 8 mile run yesterday followed by 40 minutes of yoga. I have some magazine reading to catch up on.


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