Running with Structure

Its been a while since I’ve had any structure or training plan to my running. My last big race that I trained for was the Mercedes Half Marathon in February. I really enjoyed having the structure of a training plan because I felt directed, but at the same time I think it can be stressful if you don’t realize that some days its just not going to go according to plan. There are definitely pros and cons.

With my upcoming Half Marathon in early October on my mind and the possibility of a Marathon later this year or early next year, I decided to sit down today and create my own training plan for myself. I feel like right now I need the structure of a plan. Working night shift and 12 hour shifts makes it difficult for me to follow a specific plan, but I used Hal Higdon’s Advanced Half Marathon Plan as my base and changed things around to fit my work schedule more comfortably. For my first Half I used the beginner program (my 2nd was only 1 month later so I didn’t re-train), but this time I really want to push myself. I can always adjust if its too much.

The actual “plan” doesn’t start until July 5th, but I went ahead and mapped out what I’d like to do in the next couple of weeks as well based on what I have been doing lately.

One thing I definitely want to incorporate more of is strength training. I feel like I’m in a vicious cycle with muscle-work, I don’t do it because it makes me too sore, it makes me sore because I don’t do it enough. The cycle ends now!

I actually bought P90X today off of eBay. I’m scuuuuuured! But I’m determined. I realize I’ll be taking a cut in my mileage on some weeks to get in my strength training, but I think its important.

So without further ado, the plan:

June –


July –


August –


September –


Now I just have to figure out how to properly do a tempo run. 🙂

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Today may actually end up being a 3 blog day, I’m making something I’m kind of excited about for dinner tonight. We’ll see how it turns out. Stay tuned!


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