Just Relax

Its Sunday night and this week I’ve been very stressed, I’m ready to relax.

This week I have:

Worked three 12 hour shifts.
Ran 22 miles.
Spent 1 1/2 hours on the elliptical.
Cooked approximately 16 meals.
And spent way too many hours worrying about my upcoming surgery.

While the hubby and toddler were taking a nap today I decided to hit the gym. I can never decide when I get to the gym if I want to run or do the elliptical, I love them both so much for different reasons. With my exercise time coming to a pause very soon, today the choice was obvious … RUN!

I intended to do 5 moderately easy miles at about an 8:20 pace or so.

I ended up doing 6 strenuous miles at a 7:49 pace! Go me!

I kept thinking that this could be my last run before my surgery on Wednesday. I felt fast and I felt strong. Who knows when I’ll be able to say that again. This run was one last “F*ck You” to my gallbladder!

Dinner tonight was simple but delicious.


Easy Vegetarian Pasta.

Pasta. Veggies. Balsamic Vinegar. Perfect!

Unfortunately I forgot that I had bought Feta cheese specifically for this meal and I ended up using it all throughout the week in random dishes. Doh.

After dinner I decided to do a little Candlelight Yoga to stretch, relax and breathe.

I’m about as flexible as a log, but I try.



Apparently kitties like yoga too.


The tree pose and the downward facing dog are two of my favorite poses.



Dessert was a big bowl of watermelon.


I’m still not feeling quite satisfied, there will most likely be some more snacking in my not-so-distant future. I wish I had an ice cold beer but round out this relaxing evening, but alas … it is not in the budget.


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  1. Good luck with your surgery, everything will go well I Am sure!! nice run!

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