What Century Is This Again?


Oh yeah, cloth diapers hanging out on a line to dry. Believe it or not this is the kind of thing that is “totally me” and that I would do all the time if I wasn’t a full time working mom.

Right now my main purpose is to save some money so that hopefully one day I can afford to be a stay at home mom. Who knows how much money can actually be saved by line drying clothes instead of machine drying them. I figured it was worth a shot for experimental sake.

According to this website I could save approximately $12/month by line drying my clothes.

Another experiment we are trying to save money is to use other methods of cooling the house rather than running the air conditioner constantly.


So far we haven’t had a hard time adjusting to the higher temp in the house at all. We would normally keep it on about 72  degrees but with this intense summer heat it rarely gets that low anyway. We just make sure to have the fans running and it hasn’t been a problem.

One final thing that I’m trying to remind myself to do to help save a little change is to wash my clothes in cold water. Unless your clothes are heavily soiled there really isn’t a reason to pay to heat the water up before washing your clothes.


We are probably talking about a difference of pennies here, but it all adds up. I’m curious to see how July’s power and water bills compare to June’s.

Operation “Can I Afford To Be a Stay at Home Mom” is in full effect. The idea is to take my total paycheck and put it aside into savings (or towards our debt until that is paid off) and to pay all of our normal monthly bills, gas and groceries strictly out of the Hubby’s income.

What tips and tricks do you use to save money around the house?



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3 responses to “What Century Is This Again?

  1. Hahahaha “GET NEKKID!” I busted out laughing reading that one =P

    I really need to be better about saving my money, too. The job I have and the rent I pay pretty much mean that I’m living paycheck to paycheck, and soon, I’ll be a grad student with very little income and very large loans to pay off. Plus, I just blew a HUGE hole in the little savings I had to buy a new computer…. sigh.

    But yeah, your tips are smart!! I never thought about washing my clothes in cold water… that’s a really good idea!

  2. Wow….You should be so proud! I stumbled upon your blog, and was intrigued because I need to lose about 30 pounds. Your picture is amazing, keep up the great work!
    Luvs, Deb

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