Still Trying To Figure It Out

I still can’t figure out how a gallbladder came out of a hole this small.


Actually I have 4 holes that size. Well, at least I think I have 4. I thought I remembered the doctor telling me that I would have 5 holes, but I can’t for the life of me find the 5th. I gave up looking after the 2nd day.

I’m not dirty I swear, that brownish looking tinge in the pic is leftover iodine. Its a bitch to get off.

I found an article on Reddit about a surgeon that started this new “ground breaking” procedure of extracting the gallbladder out the vagina. Ummm … no thanks.

Speaking of … I’m so proud of my hubby. He had a fabulous new money saving idea today. He tells me in the grocery store, “Hey, if you start a new pack of birth control instead of taking the week off we won’t have to buy tampons”. Woot! I gave him a double fist pump on that one!

Frugality at its finest. I knew I was meant to marry that man.


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