Not as Planned

I’ve definitely come down off of the mental high I was on yesterday. My morning started really early. I decided last night that I would go back to work tonight since I’ve felt so great the last couple of days. God knows I could use the money!

So I called the doctors office as soon as they opened this morning to talk to them about it. Last week after my surgery they told me to call whenever I felt up to going back to work and they would release me. Well … that didn’t happen. My doctor is out of town and so apparently his nurse isn’t working this week either. The office staff told me that the absolute earliest they will write for me to go back is Thursday, but that would be with a “light duty” restriction. The problem is at my job we aren’t allowed to work on light duty and I won’t be allowed to return until I can come back unrestricted. The office staff told me that would be SIX WEEKS!!!

I, in no way was prepared to be off of work for six weeks. I’m hoping next week at my appointment I can change some minds, but who knows?! I’ve been down in the dumps all day, and tired to boot since I got up extra early anticipating an afternoon nap that hasn’t happened.

I decided I might as well do something to get out of the house to take my mind off of things. I took Lincoln to the playground for a couple of hours.

After the playground, I made a simple but yummy lunch.


A tomato sandwich with mixed greens plus corn on the cob on the side. All together now …


Sick of seeing corn on the cob pics? Well, they are going to be a staple around here for a while since I got such a cheap deal on them last week. ($.15 each) I bought twenty! I’m planning on blanching some to freeze for later.

The only thing that is going to lighten my mood is a good workout. I’m headed to the gym in 8 minutes for an intense elliptical workout. I’m giving Lincoln the next 8 minutes to fall asleep on his own so he can stay home with dad (who is working) or I’m taking him to grandma’s house. This mama needs a break!



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3 responses to “Not as Planned

  1. Becky

    Since you have become a vegetarian, you need to make sure you have adequate vegetarian protein in all of your meals.

    • Thanks Becky! I definitely get plenty of protein. This particular meal probably didn’t have much but I eat plenty of greek yogurt, peanut butter, tofu, beans, eggs, etc. Most Americans eat far too much protein as it is.

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